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    Do I have to pick one? Okay, here it is...
    About twenty years ago I put together a lighting display on our house that was music-synchronized. This was before LOR, and I achieved it using X10 controllers for each color for each 'zone'. The programming was arduous using mouse and click tracking software and programming was completely manual, taking dozens of attempts to sync to music, because any screw-up required me to start all over! The capabilities were limited: on, off, fade-in or fade-out. That was all, but it still made the cover of the Ann Arbor News and drew the attention of the manager of the (now defunct) Domino Farms holiday light display. He was extremely interested in how I achieved the effects and offered me the opportunity to come and set something up for them the following year. Alas, work obligations made it impossible for me to accept, so my career in lighting displays never materialized...
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    Allen Park, MI
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    52, married, with a daughter in college
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    Model Railroading and Travel
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    Digital Marketing for Ford Dealerships
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    16-channel LOR controller, moving up to 32 channels in 2017

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  1. Carsten


    I'm greener than the Grinch with envy! No snow here in Michigan (formerly known as America's Winter Wonderland), and no good prospects for a white Christmas...
  2. Gary, Can you give me the link to the map? I may make some stops this weekend going to/from the train show in Novi... - Carsten in Saline (power is back on at my house, but I'm afraid to see what the winds did to my lights!)
  3. Carsten from Michigan here. I feel for all of you for the damage you took! I'm sure I lost a bunch of light strings in the wind blasts the last 24 hours, but as we are without power since yesterday afternoon, I can't say with any certainty what has been lost! I do know that the wind was strong enough to push my grill (a very large and heavy one) across the deck and nearly down the steps! I hope you all can get your displays repaired. Fingers crossed! - Carsten
  4. Hey Joe, Was there myself last weekend- first ever LOR display. Bill V is DEAD ON. That feeling when it first runs- it really is an unbelievable feeling. My display has been running for nearly a week and my daughter still loves to go outside in the Michigan cold and watch the sequences. Bill also mentions working out the kinks, and he's right. Since the first light-up I have made a few adjustments to both lights and sequencing, and plan to add a few hundred more lights to round out the display this weekend. There's time, my friend! I have written a couple additional sequences (not t
  5. Must... Have... More... Channels... Must... Buy... More... Lights... Must... Make... Arches... Must... Build... Mega... Tree...
  6. The Ramcke Haus also went through shake-down last night. We're in Saline. It might be neat to have everyone list where they are located so we can come out and see your displays! PM me for my address if you want to come see my meager yet attractive 11-channel synchronized show! - Carsten
  7. Folks, Last night I launched my first ever LOR synchronized Christmas light display. I spent a good portion of Friday running all my power cords to the LOR1602 located under the deck. I was amazed at what an effort is required just to get the power to a central point- the time required almost exceeding the time I put into getting the lights on the house! I also went way over budget with extension cord purchases, but by Saturday afternoon everything was hooked up. Well, everything but the PC. So Sunday I ran out to Best Buy and picked up some CAT6 cable (50'). After fishing it throu
  8. All, After serious consideration, I decided that, financially, I just couldn't afford to upgrade to LED this year. I wouldn't categorize myself as being pro- or anti-Wal-Mart, but I did need some replacement lights this weekend (why is it that the green ones have the worst paint job on them??), and Wal-Mart was the second closest to my home. The plan was to check prices at ACO Hardware (local chain), then Wal-Mart, then Lowe's, then Target. I got to Wal-Mart and discovered 100-count strings for $2.38. That was good enough for me. When the person at the register rang them up they ca
  9. All, The Ace Hardware Black Friday ad includes the following: List Product Price 10 Ct LED Snowflake Dangler Lights $8.99 200 Ct Mini Light Set $4.99 24" Arrow Pine Wreath $5.99 36 Ct LED Light Set $4.99 4" Pre Lit Christmas Tree $19.99 Flickering LED Candle 4/Pack $8.99 LED Twinking Snowflake $5.99 Standing Or Feeding Deer Lighted Sculpture $9.99 In addition, it looks like they'll have some extension cords and adapters: Outdoor Extension Cord Combo Pack $4.99 Outdoor Outlet Adapter 2 Pack $3.99 For the life of me I ca
  10. What cracks me up is that the discussion topic is "Cheap Lights!" and in the last 5 hours since the first post went up there have been 111 views! I guess we're all interested in finding CHEAP LIGHTS! Big surprise there... - Carsten
  11. Hey everyone! This will also be my first LOR Christmas. I put up a few of my window frames (lights mounted to PVC that frames the window) and hung my new 60" wreath yesterday in seventy-degree Michigan weather, much to the amusement of my neighbors. One of them stopped as he was driving home and commented, "A little early to be hanging the lights, isn't it?" I replied: "The less I have to do when it's thirty degrees out and windy the better!" Thirty minutes later he was outside with his box of decorations, too! Am I worried about my first display with LOR this year? Nope. If I'm
  12. "Sometimes,I just want to get on the roof and pick them off with my bb gun any time some kid comes along to vandalize something. " Ouch! You SCARE me, Skarah! Remind me to not walk down your street with an appearance of bad intentions... ;~)) - Carsten (LOR Channels: 16 / Kids: 1 / BB Guns: 0 / Death wish: Not at the present time)
  13. It was my first time seeing this, too. I'm with deleskie. I truly laughed out loud (much to the amusement of my co-workers) when I saw this just now... - Carsten (never more than a click or two away from PC, even at work!)
  14. showtimeRe: New "Mini" arches... Wow turned out awesome!!! Let's see! Let's see! Do you have any photos? Advice? My candy canes should be here tomorrow, and I plan to get cracking right away. Any additional tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated! FYI since yesterday was November 1st I opened the 'official' lighting season by watching Clark W. Griswold the 3rd string 20,000 imported Italian twinkle lights on his - Carsten
  15. All, I also think this mini-arch idea is fantastic, and have taken the first step in creating something similar. I found three-packs of the GE-branded lighted candy canes through a hardware store in Michigan, which are also listed on eBay. I just picked up ten sets = 30 candy canes at $7 a set. With shipping it's a little more than the Wal-Mart price of $2.50 each, but I looked at the Wal-Mart ones yesterday and I'm not convinced of the quality (I already have a set of the GE ones and I like them). I even got them to give me a shipping discount! Do an eBay search of: GE 3-PIECE LIGHT
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