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    Has got to be bringing my son home in a stocking Christmas Eve of 1997 (he was born Dec. 22).
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    Broken Arrow, Ok.
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    I've been putting up Christmas Lights since I was a teenager. This year I'll be at 100,000 lights, over 300blowmolds, 60 or 70 yard art displays, 60-70 of the wire mesh figures, and I'm currently displaying 32 telco motionettes . Yes, I have a Christmas problem...but it's fun!!!!
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    Christmas Lights
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    house painter/retired teacher
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    Well, I've mentioned the basic facts. I have a little over an acre to display and I'm located on a major highway in town. I have around 45 animated figures (motionettes) and I've build trains, castles, skating rings, Victorian Houses, and a few other outdoor structures to display them.

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  1. Love the series this year, and especially the guy from Jenks, Ok., just about 30 minutes from me.
  2. I had no problems.with the old GFIs. It was the new ones that gave me fits. A friend said the new are safer...yes, to the point of being useless. Kind of like lowering the speed limit on the Turner Turnpike from Tulsa to OKC TO 10 mph...sure it’s safe, but it’s defeated the purpose.
  3. The shower curtain idea is brilliant. I just went online at Walmart and they’ve got some great looking Christmas shower curtains. I can’t wait to show my wife, and take full credit for the idea! Just joking...thanks.
  4. If that knocks out the string, you might instead leave them in and wrap each unwanted bulb with black electrical tape. It’s worked for me before.
  5. I’ve got some of those green stakes, but I’m going to buy more. I’m also going to use the grease everyone has mentioned. And for good measure I think I’m going to slip the large size ziplock bags over each connection. That should work until the tornado hits!
  6. All of you guys are great. You just don’t realize how much I appreciate your help.
  7. Thank you guys. I’ll look for the grease, and I spent the morning putting 2X4s under each connection to get them off the ground. I also shop vacated 200 gallons of water from the lighted trail that leads off into the field. We’re supposed to get some sun and a little wind today, which should help dry out the connections. If I ever get time, I’m going to post this years pictures.
  8. I’ve been fighting the new GFs that came with my new service, and I’m about to call it quits. First the rain two weeks ago knocked everything off. Then the six inch snow knocked it off again, so I dug everything out (500 ext cords means a lot of connections to dig out). Now the snow is melting and all of the water is knocking everything out again. Keep in mind while I’m battling the north half acre the south half acre, which has 10, 15 year old and older GFs is doing fine and hasn’t gone off one time! New is not better! I remember reading other posts on PC about using grease to keep mois
  9. I had prepared for the usual high winds and potential torrential rain, but not the six inches of snow we also got. I know you PCers up north laugh at that, but it was probably the most snow I’d scene since 2011. It royally screwed up the display.
  10. Wow! The staging is amazing. Where did you find the background scenes, and what kind of fabric are they made of? Also, did you make the cutout manger scene? There’s almost too much to take in...spectacular!
  11. Those are amazing. I’ve got to get some. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Well rats. I had thought all of our Walmart’s were almost out because people were getting into lights again. I’m disappointed to hear that.
  13. I have no idea, but I’d love to find out as well.
  14. I echo your sentiments about storing blow molds in the attic. I also have purchased a lot of blow molds that were full of gravel or rock and it sure seems to tear up the plastic bottoms. I like to use half inch pvc hammered in the ground.
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