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    Has got to be bringing my son home in a stocking Christmas Eve of 1997 (he was born Dec. 22).
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    Broken Arrow, Ok.
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    I've been putting up Christmas Lights since I was a teenager. This year I'll be at 100,000 lights, over 300blowmolds, 60 or 70 yard art displays, 60-70 of the wire mesh figures, and I'm currently displaying 32 telco motionettes . Yes, I have a Christmas problem...but it's fun!!!!
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    Christmas Lights
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    house painter/retired teacher
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    Well, I've mentioned the basic facts. I have a little over an acre to display and I'm located on a major highway in town. I have around 45 animated figures (motionettes) and I've build trains, castles, skating rings, Victorian Houses, and a few other outdoor structures to display them.

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  1. I’ve seen this on YouTube. I think the display is in Kentucky, or maybe not.
  2. Thank you guys! I never thought about it before, but they do get brittle. And since I’ve got most of them out in my yard right now, this is a great time to spray them all. I love this place!
  3. I checked in oklahoma for an outlet store, and the only one I could find was in OKC (typical, they get everything). It sounds like a great place: I just thought there might be others in Oklahoma.
  4. So, has anyone tried out the target penguins? They look pretty cute, but I was wondering how they light up.
  5. We stopped somewhere in southeast Arkansas, so now I’m thinking they may have just been out of stock. We’re just a little over an hour from the Arkansas border, so I might call around today and see if any stores have them. Drove to Joplin mo yesterday to antique shops and checked in their Walmart but didn’t find one. I did find the 43 inch empire lamp post from the 1960s in one shop, so it was worth the trip!
  6. I’m really excited for you, and it sounds like you’ve been bitten by the bug!
  7. I visited my brother in Pensacola two weeks ago, and I stopped at Walmart’s in Arkansas, Alabama, and Florida (skipped Louisiana Walmart) and I couldn’t find any. In fact, I was surprised that the Tulsa area had a far better selection of blow molds than in place I visited.
  8. I check at least every couple of days.
  9. These are leds, which seem to keep their color. The funny thing is that for years as I’ve climbed the top 15 feet of this sycamore tree to wrap the limbs I’ve sworn every year I was going to lose weight. Since the surgery I’ve dropped 18 pounds and kept it off, but now I’m in no condition to climb the limbs! We’ll see if I can keep it off till next year.
  10. Luckily I left about 28000 lights in my three big trees last year, and most of those still work. I’ve had to replace a few strings, and the top 10 feet of my tallest tree isn’t working, but 28 feet is as far as I can reach this year on my tallest ladder (full knee replacement in late June, so I’m not climbing limbs this year). I’ve already wrapped all of the redbud trees and crape myrtles I can reach off an eight foot step ladder. Next week I start icicle lights and C-9s along the roof line.
  11. Isn’t it awesome when our wives ‘get’ us? I especially love the shirt.
  12. The paint is okay on the penguin, considering so much of him is black, and I think the dog looks really good. I bought a second dog because I think they’ll sell out quickly.
  13. Our Walmart’s started a week ago and by middle of the week most were well over half out.
  14. Have any of your Home Depot’s gotten in Christmas yet? The one in Tulsa closest to me only has a few trees up and nothing else. There are boxes stacked around, but they don’t seem in any hurry to put out anything.
  15. Just bought two nomes and.......two green soldiers!! Finally found them. Walmart is really all in on new blow molds and I’m impressed with the quality and the price.
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