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    The Nativity Story.
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    I have been decorating ever since I was 6 years old. I am now 31 years old and have set up over 25,000 Christmas lights each year for my annual Christmas Display. I use one CCR and 128 channels of Light O Rama to control over 15,000 lights for the front yard and the backyard is a static walkthrough display with aporx 10,000 lights. Also, I help others in my community decorate for the holidays. I also decorate for other holidays such as Halloween, the 4th for July and Easter. To learn more about my displays you can visit www.moyerdisplays.com
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    Christmas Lights and Model Trains
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    Cashier at a local Grocery Store
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    The 2019 Christmas Light Display consisted of over 25,000 lights and featured over 150 Blowmolds and 128 channels of Light O Rama. For more information you can visit my website: http://www.moyerdisplays.com/index.html.

    Planning for the 2015 Christmas Display is currently underway.

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  1. Here's a picture of my 2019 Christmas Display. To learn more about my display you can visit www.moyerdisplays.com 


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