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  1. Pixel spinner; Strip vs nodes

    Decision made... Strip.
  2. How to lock a LOR Residential controller?

    Why lock it?
  3. Vendor Sales/Presales For 2016

    List is updated several times a month.
  4. Christmas Expo

    Charlotte, North Carolina has tons of options. It's worth your time to check out the convention center.
  5. Here's my 2015 season shot after the show was finished for the year. The display moved this year to a park. https://youtu.be/CpL5bcpnkes https://youtu.be/bdNgfXLTKoU More video is located here. -Enjoy
  6. 2015 After Christmas sales

    Stay updated here: http://www.highcountrylights.com/christmas-resources/pre-sale-info.html
  7. Vendor Sales/Presales For 2016

    I keep a running list of who is having sales throughout the year.
  8. Sell them for what you want... New from LOR: http://store.lightorama.com/ctretogonoas1.html
  9. Sell fell through. It's available to the first person who pays.
  10. I got it and replied. I'd take $150 without the director card.
  11. Wanted: LOR controller

    Here: http://forums.planetchristmas.com/index.php?/topic/57941-lor-16pc-w-mp3-director-for-sale/
  12. I have a 16PC w/ mp3 director card for sale - $250. Both of these items are pre-Gen 3. Both work great and would make an excellent way to get started in the animated lighting hobby. Feel free to reply or contact me by pm.