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  1. They also had the tree. The red truck Mr. Christmas is producing this year is one that I’m excited for.
  2. Sadly they scrapped a lot. Specially the bigger ones. 😕
  3. There was a published list of the molds, but it wasn’t very accurate as some had been sold after the lost was published. The list didn’t have prices though. And the molds were sold in lots. There are some molds on eBay that the scrapper who bought them is selling.
  4. I believe the whole set. As for the SB set I honestly don’t remember even seeing it, but don’t think anyone got it. Only SB mold I know of selling was Mrs. Claus
  5. I’ll have to go back through the pics, but it was a pallet of candles. Had a Noel candle and what looked like the Mediterranean candles. I have some replacements but buried. Got a bunch from the last time I was at GF.
  6. Sadly the lanterns from last year are not back. The snowman head is and they have a penguin head that is new for this year.
  7. I never realized that lol. I can’t wait til Christmas.
  8. I’m just now seeing this. How are you doing??
  9. Thanks. They really are. Kind of weird design to light but is what it is lol. A better pic of it lite.
  10. They are very cool and bigger than I thought. You may also try Amazon. They have them listed on there and are cheaper. Either way I’m happy with mine.
  11. These will not light at all. Don’t waste your time drilling them. Someone has already tried and sadly. Nothing.
  12. If you can use the coupon the price is more reasonable. Also they accept AC Moore coupons too. I got the pumpkin man today, they didn’t have the cat out yet and said they were behind schedule today. So I’ll try again Saturday.
  13. Mrs. Claus, Toy Soldier, Penguin, Dancing Santa, Nativity set, pallet of candles.
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