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  1. Thank you. Hope 2022 is a lot better. Thank you. I hope next year works out better for doing it. And shipping balances out
  2. Sadly not. We didn’t get enough sales to proceed with it. And with the way the shipping crisis is I’m glad haha. Hope to try again next year.
  3. I did hear how they had the big sales in Tarboro. One of the managers said they had to quit cause way back when someone drove up. Loaded up a trailer. Then took back to their business and was reselling. Even cheaper then then the box stores. Walmart threatened if they didn’t quit then they’d quit buying. I was told it was a family Owned business as well. Once they became profitable again they wanted out. However did not know they lived across the pond. Interesting.
  4. Hi all Not sure if everyone saw on Facebook, but the new Christmas molds for Lowe’s had popped up on their site. To keep track, Nick even started a page on Blow-Molded designated to new molds for this year. Here’s the link take a look and well, start saving. https://blow-molded.com/new-releases
  5. Not sure if you ever visited the plant during closing. My wife and I went to the auction and toured the factory and let’s just say that place was a mess. Round the corner to Walk into another building and you’d see standing water puddles all over from where the roof leaked. It was crazy.
  6. Old post I’m sorry, but these are actually the old Grand Venture molds. Cado was producing these before GF closed.
  7. Guess that would help huh lol www.richardsholidayshop.com If you want multiples order through snowman assortment
  8. Just wanted to update that the ordering is now Open!!!
  9. Can’t wait. As long as all goes well over seas there should be no hiccups It’s possible. Knowing the companies are closed, they still may hold copyrights. I will say though I am looking into it and have reached out to the powers they may be :)
  10. Can you figure the shipping both snowmen cost to 34202 Florida?  I’m interested!!

    1. RichardG


      I’m sorry I am just now seeing this. 
      If you want you can email me as well. 
      Shipping is a flat rate of $65. However I’m also in Florida near Gainesville. So you could do local pick up if you’re up for a drive. 

  11. Hoping soon. I’ve ironed out the details on box size
  12. Thank you both! Like us on Facebook
  13. Here is the snow lady
  14. Hmm possibly down the road.
  15. Soon. I hit a snag. A snag as in I’m designing a lady to go with him.
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