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  1. http://www.dollardays.com/wholesale-christmas-ornaments.html, also a lot of the dollar store get them in before thanksgiving but you have to be quick. Here in Florida Downtown Disney Marketplace sell a lot of them at "Once upon a Christmas " store.
  2. http://www.diandolls.com/vinyl_doll_heads_sm.htm
  3. From another cajun from louisiana, Welcome,...Jwaye Nowel !!!!!
  4. Welcome my new friend in China.

  5. http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php?t=27132
  6. Here are some that I am using for Christmas 2009. Enjoy !!!!
  7. Would you happen to have the gingerbread collections? I want to make these for my newborn but money has been very tight this year. I have a full size playhouse plan to offer but will try another way returning the favor.
  8. I have had mine going on five years when the first came out and it has never let me down once. True, alittle experience of electrical knowledge helps but once you use it, it will be a friend for life.
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/Inflatable-8ft-Outdoor-Christmas-Decoration-Bugs-Bunny_W0QQitemZ110210910885QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item110210910885&_trksid=p3286.m63.l1177
  10. Just to chime in, all the costumes you see in that picture was made from a drawing that Disney imagineer Ralph Kent had made, who passed away some time ago. Dwayne Manning at Magic Kingdom Zoo said that they had a christmas coloring book that they used to hand out that had a black and white picture of the toy soldier. But you are correct, he said it is a toy soldier. The different is Nutcracker is bearded with Russian Battle uniform and the toy soldier has French battle uniform.
  11. This is one I have been holding on to for quite some time now. I bought an overhead projector to use it when but just have not had the time to do it. The overhead sheets are only two dollars at Staple's. and they print great on inkjet printer. Just make sure you tell them to give you the sheets for inkjet printers. Enjoy!!!!
  12. I am making patterns for all the character of most Rankin/Bass special. I have been working on them for two years. Most of them will be animated cutouts but I still have alot of work to do. Great job on yours!!! Rankin/Bass is always in my heart. If I find them , I'll collect them !!!! :waycool::waycool::waycool::waycool::waycool:
  13. Is there any way to purchase just the board with no diodes, caps or triac so that I may assemble this myself at my own expense for parts here? My wife has restricted me from spending any money this year for lights (I have 48 tubs full and didn't put them all up last years). I am learning about plcs and ladder logic to share with PC next years but want to learn about building boards, etching and setup slowly so that it may stay with me for a while. Thanks again with any help in this matter. Great board, Chuck !!! :waycool::waycool::waycool::waycool::tree:
  14. Just remember everyone has done something they shouldn't, and knew better not to take proper safety precaution where they should. Any time you take on projects, use safety all the time. Your family wants you to. And to the professional people, do you best to inform the forum of the pro and cons along with dangers of doing this type of project. Your mistakes you made, may educate others from your lessons. There are too many minds here not to come up with safe ideas for everyone to enjoy.Share the news and promote safety.:smile: P.S I'm truely sorry to about the young boy who lost his life.
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