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    when our parents were stiil alive christmas was always a great time
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    love trying different things for christmas displays
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    have been doing this with computerized lites.for 8 years
  1. neither trying to go through audacity then papaguyo. looking for an easier way lol
  2. Hi everyone. considering putting a talking tree in the show for next year. Does anyone have an easy way to sequence it into the show. Thanks , Steve
  3. Yep just started to do all the high work while it's nice out. Our town of Orwigsburg cancelled the holly trail. So this year with covid, they are having a tour of lites. All proceeds go to the free public library. They contacted me 2 weeks ago and asked if i would be interested to be one of 5 special houses. Of course i would not turn down a good cause.
  4. Its never to early! I'm thinking already to revamp the whole show for next year. Call me crazy.
  5. I mount both of mine to the house,up and out of the way
  6. Steve G

    How Dumb I Am

    Had about 13 sequences finished in about a 15 months. I forgot to back them up. Low & behold the old computer died. tried to recover them,even Staples could not move them over to the new laptop. The lesson here is always back them up. Got three done so far, Merry Christmas to all. Steve Gall
  7. Welcome to Planet Christmas. Have been doing this for 3 Years and always learning something new. The people on here are some real Wizards when it come to sequences. Sit back,read ,and learn. Steve Gall
  8. Good morning , I do have the song ,but being not that great with the computer, i do not know how to get it to you. Steve Gall
  9. Good morning to everyone here @ pc. On October ,4 i suffered a heart attack. AT this time i'm doing fine. I have not posted in a long time,and it's good to be back. The show will go on this year, thanks to my beautiful wife. She knows how much i love doing this,that she got on the roof and rigged my lites for me. Now we are back in business. I would have hated to disappoint the town without light display. So to everyone have a good thanksgiving and get the lites up, Christmas will be here before you know it. Best Wishes,
  10. good morning, had my show running last nite, no problem for the first hour. went out to ccheck, and there was no led in unit 1. Upon further inspection had one bad fuse. Could it be from all the rain we had several days ago? you would think it would have dried up by now. or could it be a short in the lites. Never had this happen where it took out the fuses in the lor. It always tripped the gfci. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve Gall
  11. Welcome! mind boggling isn' it. Good to have anither newbie. Steve
  12. Thanks alot guys, When i get a chance, i will add on. I want to add a mega tree and arch and do not want to waste to much time. Steve gall
  13. Good Morning , I'm looking to add 16 more channels to my existing display. my problem is I do not have my other lor till the sale in june. is there any way to do secquencing prior to receieving my new unit? If there is could any guru's tell the newbie how. Thanks, Steve Gall
  14. Good moring to everyone. By any chance ,does anybody know where to get led floods. Is there such an animal out there? Thanks, Steve
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