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    I love to vounteer during the Christmas season...even if I don't feel like it due to schedules, etc. We always try to get in close to 24 hours of volunteering during the month of December and my kids enjoy it too!
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    Fulton, Illinois
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    We are a couple who really enjoy Christmas. I want to put on a large display for everyone in our town to enjoy.
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    Collecting antiques, advertising, and various other things.
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    Burn Table Operator
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    I just converted to mostly LED lights and go with the majority of blowmolds, not inflatables.

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  1. We here in Fulton, Illinois have a spectacular attraction....an 1860's village that was built by a couple in an old abandoned rock quarry! They built the buildings and crated paths and we have Crafters there during the year for special events, showing the lifestyles of the 1860's. There is a town hall, church, house, summer kitchen, log cabin, blacksmith shop, iron works, school, print shop, general store with many shops in it and more! Each year we put on a Christmas walk and an illuminated walk at night lit by kerosene lanterns. Below are pictures of the Canyon. If you are around the western
  2. We took our outside display down yesterday. It took us about 5 hours to get everything hauled back to storage, 200+ blowmolds, many strands of lights, poles, signs, etc. We made pretty good time this year. It's amazing how much quicker it comes down than goes up! I hate this time of the year because as said by others, the season goes by so fast. We can still carry the spirit of the season as long as we can into the new year, but that becomes more and more difficult by the negative attitudes of others and the rudeness/tragedies we witness on a daily basis. I am challenging myself to try and car
  3. I know this isn't about blowmolds, but this is the thread where I know the most people, and I know some of you collect donations with your displays as well. To anyone who collects for Make A Wish, did you have to do anything special to collect for them? Any paperwork, etc? I have collected a little for them the last 2 years, but this year want to sit out with a collections bucket at the end of the drive and want to make sure everything is on the up and up. We will also be handing out candy canes along with the story of the candy cane. Any info would be great. Thanks everyone and happy decorati
  4. Wish someone close by carried the large snowman with the charcoal eyes! Luckily we have several store within a 45 mile radius that carry them period. I do think they are making a comeback...more and more being carried each year, yea! There is a small local store that carries molds each year. This year they had a ghost sitting on pumpkin, Frankenstein, 2 witches in 2 different color schemes, cat coming out of pumpkin, tombstone with skeleton popping up, gargoyles, skeleton man with coat and hat, and a couple pumpkins. It was a nice selection and even though the colors were dark, they looked
  5. I can no longer find them on the site today either. I did get a reply from a Menards PR lady who is checking into it, so we will see what they say. I must not have been the only one who tried ordering and couldn't.
  6. Yep, that's why we went out of our way to go order it, just to be told it wasn't available. Maybe we'll try again next month in case they are not available from GF yet.
  7. Also to note, the Menards in our immediate area (30 miles around us) has the train for $139.99, while some 60+ miles away have it at $79.99. Like I said though, none we contacted could even special order it for us, and that was 5 store around us even though Menards website showed each of the store having it as a special order only item.
  8. Tried several Menards in a 2 hour radius and none of them could special order the train. They said it may not be available yet. Just a FYI.
  9. Tried several Menards in a 2 hour radius and none of them could special order the train. They said it may not be available yet. Just a FYI.
  10. I picked these up behind a shed in central Illinois covered in weeds along with some others. I got the Jesus the first time down a few weeks ago and picked up these 3 this time. They didn't have Joseph or the other wiseman. Thanks for the info everyone!
  11. I am sure someone will jump on this quick with an answer, but I couldn't find these pictured blow-molded.com unless I just missed them. Anyone know who made these? Not the best looking for sure! Thanks all!
  12. Awesome job again! Another question, what product did you go with to strip off the old paint? Thanks!
  13. Yesterday I went to some garage sales and picked up 2 sitting teddy bears, a north pole sign, a pumpkin, Tigger, Pooh, and Snoopy for $35. I couldn't stop fast enough after seeing the 3 Santa's Best pieces!
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