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  1. Joe, does that mean that all used CD and DVD stores are violating the law? I mean they are actually making a profit on sales. According to the RIAA it is actually illegal to take your own CD and upload it to your IPod. It is also illegal to download a song to your PC from the net that you paid for and then load it to your IPod. Has anyone ever loaned you a CD and you made a copy? Well then you would be in violation of the law. Right now I am looking at 75 Christmas CDs so do not think I need to worry about downloading a song for a dollar. However, I would be willing to donate money to the starving rock band fund. I am sure Paul McCartney, Faith Hill, etc. are worried about where their next meal is coming from.
  2. Wow Ga Mini was great. Thanks Michelle and Kevin. You were fantastic hosts. It was a really really great weekend...starting with Friday Night, thanks Annalisa for that. Anyone having a mini...I suggest you try to rope Bill Learning into helping. The man is a natural at keeping things running smoothly. Yes Bill we all noticed and thanks. The presenters were all very informative...and you can tell took the time to plan out their presentations. Also everyone of them had a great sense of humor. Just a shame one of the most talented among us is history here. So many friendly faces...everyone with a smile...oh that southern hospitality was showing. Love y'alls accents. Jen: Really if you were putting a face on me, couldn't you have given me like Jennifer Annistons...hey sweetie, it was nice to put a face on you too.
  3. lkcubsrule wrote: Excuse me but I beg to differ....some of their storesdocarry lights (our store here this year had net lights, globe lights, some novelty lights, ledsand some walkway lights beside the regularones)....trees, wreathsand some other outdoor things for the holidays (not blow molds though)...and they also carry extension cordsat that time.Prices are higher to begin withbut right before Christmas and after, prices can go anywhere from 50-75% off...and you wouldn't believe some ofthebig burly men I have had to push out of the way to get a bargain. These sharp elbows of mine do come in handy. Actually they also carry lights for all the holidays. Got my 1st set of pumpkin walk way lights from there, years ago...and right now they have some shamrocks out for St. Pats Day. Oh and if you need fabric to fix an inflatable...this would be the place to get it. And if you have trouble finding easels for mini trees...you can order them from their web site. Sure you might want to avoid the place off season...but around the time when things startcoming out on the shelves...might be worth a trip in to see if anything is of interest to you...especially if it is a superstore.
  4. jeffostroff wrote: Ok let me say I do use CFLs...and while I agree with this not heating up the house as much...well sure it works here in the summer...and probably great for you people who live in places that are warm year round. Right now though it is cold outside here and in order to save on the gas part of the bill...the thermostat has been kept lower in the past couple of years and is programmed to drop downeven more-so at night. So I sit here under a ceiling fan...which of course is not running cause I don't care what they say about itcirculating warm air....just feelscolder to me...with a light fixture that has 4 CFLs in it andwhat I wouldn't give for it to be giving off a little extraheat.
  5. thyno z wrote: Yeah cause you know on us old people eyesight is the first thing to go.
  6. OOPS...it would appear that this thread has been completely hijacked. Sorry but when someone says something about 50+ being old...kind of gets to this old gal. So sorry peeps....now what was thisthread originally about...I forgot (senior moment)...oh yes...LEDs and the savings off electric bills.
  7. thyno z wrote: Actually Thyno,that remark is very funny.
  8. I think I should be able to run circles aroundJack...especially since I have seenthe way you have put him to work...poor little thing. A screen cleaner for computers. http://www.garyrip.com/screenclean.swf
  9. ChuckHutchings wrote: When exactly is the next FL mini...might have to fly back down...it appears I have a little unfinished business. Oh your best day Mr. Hutchings...I can run circles around you and your little dog too. AND BY THE WAY....I understand AARPhas your name on their list.
  10. thyno z wrote: Oh hey we can talk about the old days...I remember duck and cover...yeah the little schooldesk was going to keep us safe. You however did forget onebig event that these youngwhippersnappersshould remember...Y2K.
  11. Well then since I am over average...guess I should just get out the old rocking chair. Thyno want to join me on the porch?
  12. ChuckHutchings wrote: And you are saying that certain age is over 50...hmmm...there are a few of us over 50s here who would beg to differ with your opinion of at what age one sticks their head in the sand.
  13. Joseph Ayo wrote: I know what you meant...I am not a complete moron. The problem I am having is that it was all opinion and no fact. People (like me)using LEDs are using themfora few reasons and one is that they want to save on electric...which is what started this thread...and some are concerned abouttheir personal effect on the environment. We realize thecost, over years...is what will equal the savings andif we don't get x amount ofyears out of LEDs, then the savings aren't there. So you putyour ideas out there as food for thought...which in a way is good as people get talking about this...but everyone has opinions...sometimes we need a few facts in with those opinions. So does it cost more to produce the LEDs overincandescents...right now...youare saying you don't know...so how is that helping me...it isn't.It is just another thing to figure into the LED equation and that just makes me want to bang my head against the wall.
  14. Joseph Ayo wrote: You are not sure, you suspect, might possibly...in other words this is all your own opinion (once again)and nothing actually factual. Instead of giving us your ideas Joe, why don't you do a little research and seeif you can find out the truth for us.
  15. Scot, Nice looking van, thanks for posting pics of it. Gladto see you are back in the drivers seat. My family also names their cars...my Dadalways called all of his cars Betsy...never knew why. My car right now is called the green blur.
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