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    New to LOR in 2009--loved it (as did the wife and kids!)
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    LOR 32 Channels in 2009. 10,000 lights in 2009 (W,R,G). Using 64 channels for 2010, plus 15 DC channels for Rainbow floods/spots. Use EDM-LCD-RDS FM transmitter. In 2007 & 2008, used Lights & Sounds of Christmas.
  1. No regrets here: http://www.christmaslightshow.com/mini-strobe-light.html
  2. No offense, but is there any video posted of that house with the 3D mapping in your neighborhood? I have only seen it done on commercial buildings. If it helps, I don't want to see your santa video.
  3. Thanks Marty! Hope that a year's break will be all you need before you realize you still have the "bug".
  4. So what did the lightning hit? Megatree? Been here for a few years, and never read of anybody having something similar. So obviously pretty rare. With that being said, maybe some that know enough about such matters can share some cost-effective (since it is so rare) ideas for preventing such damage. Somebody mentioned surge protecting their computer (power and cat5), but that does nothing for the rest of the display. Seems that some sort of in-line protection may be needed. Probably cost-prohibitive for the entire display, but there is probably certain high-risk props that could be f
  5. Would have been quite a show to see when the lightning hit! Kinda like pyrotechnics.
  6. I don't think cars that are occupied and running are considered "parked".
  7. At least this will help ease a little of the replacement cost: Unconditional Lifetime Replacement Policy: Regardless of current end user, any Light-O-Rama hardware device that fails for any reason (e.g. eaten by dog, no longer like color) can be replaced with the same or current equivalent unit for 60% of the current list price of the new unit. The end-user is responsible for shipping the old unit back to Light-O-Rama and for the shipping costs of the new unit. In the event that there is no current equivalent for an Light-O-Rama device, Light-O-Rama will make every attempt to work someth
  8. Whatever part of the strobe that hangs down--depending upon how you mounted them. Water will run downhill. Usually if "hanging" in a tree, the clear lens is what will be tilted down. Careful not to hit the strobe bulb when drilling. Some melt a hole using an old soldering iron.
  9. see the multiple pages for the updated versions.
  10. Some have found that "pre-charging" them for a fraction of a second at low power (maybe 10-20%) seemed to help randomize them right from the start (note that this only applies to LED strobes and not xenon strobes). The deterring factor for me was when somebody indicated that the LED strobes looked more like flashing lights rather than strobing lights (more bang or burst to them). Therefore I went with all xenon instead a couple years ago. The xenons don't take much power so not much advantage to the LEDs in my opinion.
  11. He wants the lights to be visible as they cross the street (so it looks like the river is crossing the road), so such protectors won't allow that.
  12. I would suspect that one coat of any paint would work since the lights are bright enough to shine through most anything. A spray paint might be best since can be applied evenly but still thin coats. Pretty easy to do trial to see--could probably always remove anything that didn't work with paint thinner. Stained Glass paint (found at most craft stores) would probably work fine as well. It is translucent...like stained glass. I have used this in non-spray form, but now see they have it in spray form. http://acehotline.com/p-4525-krylon-stained-glass-spray-paint-red-9020.aspx Would wonder
  13. Don't spend the hundred bucks and start saving for a LOR controller instead to do everything that the above posters have mentioned.
  14. What about painting one of these slower strobes red? http://www.christmaslightshow.com/Curtain-strobe-light-%281-Flash-Per-Second%29.html
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