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  1. may i ask what you're going to do with all of those? do they save for next year?
  2. just got a reply back from mobile black box, i asked when they were getting more 400's in and their reply was.... Hi, We may have some refurbished units sometime in 2011; otherwise we have discontinued the model. We are introducing a new generation of transmitters in 2011. Customer Service
  3. yes, i've been reading the reviews about the mobile black box, though they're sold out. anyone know how the Ramsey FM10C FM Transmitter compares to the mbb? or anyone have this transmitter and have good or bad recomondations on it?
  4. i've been searching the posts for quite a while now for a new transmitter. i have an old drive thru transmitter (has no brand name on it) and it hooks up to a regular car antenna, but have problems with it when it's too cold. so i want a new one and have found some posts of comparing two models and this and that. but could we put what everyone uses in one post? i'd also like to know what kind of antenna you use with it. i don't need anything to big. just so it can be heard in front and to the side of the house. i have a corner lot and i can't get my signal to go in front and to the side
  5. creepingdth


    online, the prices were 60% off, in the store it was 40%. of course what i wanted wasn't available online, but i did get a lifesized santa for 40 bucks online an hour away, was planning on going there anyway this weekend.
  6. how do you guys thaw out your yard? i have three things i just made and wanted to put in the yard, but the yard is frozen, i went out with a teakettle of boiling hot water but it wasn't enough. i have one fence post and some rebar i need to put in the ground yet and was looking for some advice.
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