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    i love blowmolds
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    blowmolds/ baseball
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  1. Welp lets see,I havent been on in for ever haha. Okay well every one has seen grizwald family christmas.....Right? has any one tryed the repaint on the sleigh it the good ountitled.bmpuntitled.bmpl empire and gf sleigh here is a pic down below ..Any one try to do a repaint?
  2. Has anybody tryed to do the same paint job on the sleigh from the movie? Wat kind of reindeer are they?
  3. they have same head look as empire reindeer but they have tow legs and u can see the blowmolds tail
  4. are theres blowmold reindeer ? if so what kind?
  5. can u make the pic bigger i cant see it it has a (x) where the pic should come up? thanks jake
  6. can you take a closer picture of the stand for the reindeer?
  7. I call GF and they said they don't sell parts to public?
  8. well i take welding at school so this is right down my ally
  9. how can we rig some poles up to conact to the reindeer to make them look like there takeing off?
  10. the pic is not mine....but im looking for this boxes and reindeer!! lol thanks
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