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  1. The Intermatic timers are great, but I really am just looking for a product that detects another circuit/extensioncord/switch is on and activates a relay to pass power through it's extension cord. I'm guessing such a product doesn't exist.
  2. Thanks, that's a good idea but I actually have a twist, ... I should have posted it originally... The two outlets that are switched are actually Control4 switches so they're controlled via the home automation controller which turns them on 20 minutes after sunset and off at 10:00pm. I also have the ability to turn them on and off while I'm away which I like. I do have the option of adding 5 more Control4 outlet switches but at about a hundred bucks each, I was hoping there might be a less expensive solution.
  3. I have 7 circuits to outside for my lights (no LOR or computerized control) and only 2 of those circuits have switches, the remaining 5 I have to plug in and unplug each night. I've been looking for but can't find a product that I could plug inline with a switched outlet that transmits an RF like signal when on so when the other circuits sense the RF signal, they close the relay in their device to turn on the lights for that circuit. The circuits electrical outlets are within 75' of each other, but at different locations around the home. Does such a product exist that can be bought?
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