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    Just getting started, with 16 LOR channels and 4,000 lights.
  1. I'm in too! I would like a heads up on good hotel prices!
  2. I really enjoyed the mimi last year! :giggle: I'm looking forward to attending this year.
  3. This year ('09) was my first year with LOR. So I didn't have a issue with traffic. My show was 48 minutes long, no voice-overs, only 16 channels, only 5k lights. I still had several people stay and watch the whole show! Luckily I live on a wide street with fairly lite traffic and shoulders instead of curbs, so folks could pull over and park and others could easily pull around. To be perfectly honest, I was very surprised I had as many as I did.
  4. How much are you wanting for them? Clear.
  5. I'm willing to take all I can get. I want to build at least 3 arches and some mini trees. I was even thinking about putting together a couple of light poles. So, need less to say a need a few more than the none I'm coming up with!
  6. I'm not having any luck finding the lights I'm interested in around here. If anyone has ANY clear minis they're willing to part with drop me a PM.
  7. How about an ornament with the off-set stars from the state flag?
  8. I'm interested in any clear minis you have, I know I'm a bit down on the list, so I'll have to settle for what left.
  9. Thanks Roger, I'll drop you a line if I make it over to that area Thanks Chad, I'll get you a PM.
  10. I finally got my display up and running. Now I want to see what others are doing. Who all has displays going in the Nashville/Murfreesboro area? Feel free to PM me if you don't want to post your address.
  11. I've enjoyed .977, they have several channels, including a Christmas channel. Here's their link: http://www.977music.com/
  12. Thank you Tony. That was well written and I appreciate and agree with the sentiment of every word. Having served in the first gulf war, I found a new understanding of what it meant to "Be an American." I am thankful to ALL that have sacrificed (or will sacrifice) to give us what many take for granted.
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