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  1. I know! I was watching those too and couldn't believe what they went for...
  2. Wow, That looks great! Yep, gotta add that to my wish list too...Nice job Kev!
  3. DeniseR


    I do the same thing as Dave. That's how I've got my line of soldiers. One long cord with a C7 socket every two feet and a plug at the end. I've got them hooked into a fader/flasher so they fade off and on again. Looks cool...
  4. Oh Cool! Thanks Bob. I'll have to get down there and see it.
  5. Wow Tom. That is a great collection and the way you have them displayed looks great. Inspires me to gather all my little ones together. Thanks for the pictures!
  6. Hi Jonathan, Can't wait to see you Santa's!
  7. Hey Brad, I got one just like that about a month ago for 19.99 and 7.00 shipping. No one else bid on it. Guess I lucked out.
  8. Hey Bob, Yep, That's exactly what I had heard too. And Thanks Mel for the information...
  9. I was in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago and came upon this corner lot with all these blowmolds in it!...I took a few pictures. My partner says these are "ornaments" that go on some big tree downtown. Guess they were getting them out and ready to go. It was sure nice seeing them up close (well as close as I could get). They're not the best pictures (I was using my phone) but I hope you still enjoy them...
  10. Hi 91Mustang, Hope you'll post some pictures this Christmas...
  11. Yeah, I know they are... Carrie saw the pictures last summer. I just bought the sleigh a couple months ago to go with my deer. So now I have the Santa, deer and sleigh, oh yeah, and the little round snowman that I'm going to sit in the sleigh with Santa.
  12. Thanks Gidget and Daryl my shepherd arrived this week safe and sound...Hey did anyone get one of those 31" carrot nosed snowmen that they'd like to sell? I missed that on the original list...
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