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  1. I saw them in K-Mart this weekend
  2. I have the Same transmitter, set it on the window sill and pushed the antenna out through the screen. I let the wire hang straight down and get reception to the end of the block, about 800 feet. It has a loud hum plugged in the wall but works perfect with the batteries. I would keep it a few feet from your computer and power cords. Maybe try a different radio station.
  3. I agree with THurrle, Light O Rama is the way to go. You can download the free version and get to know it, do some sequences and practice the different effects When you buy the controllers and software you can use those sequences in your show. I did that at the beginning of the year and did 20 songs for my first show. Their web site has all the info you need to get started. Look on you tube for ideas, and decide how many channels you can afford. They have sales for their different packages at the beginning of the year and again in July. I started with the 32 channel package then added another
  4. You can also buy extension cords with the GFCI built in
  5. You could probably use copper elbows and tees. They come in small sizes like that
  6. Thanks guys, I called LOR at 10 this morning and they confirmed what you said Dennis and Jhunt. I had to upgrade to basic plus, really simple, they do it all for you. It only costs 20 dollars for the upgrade ( have your credit card ready ). I tried the show a few minutes ago and it all works fine. Thanks again for all your help. Fred M
  7. Thanks Dstevens, I did that first. Everything seems to be correct in the sequences. This really has me confused. one third of my show isn't running. Today (mon.) i will try to call LOR to see if I can get support. I'll keep you informed.
  8. Channels are in order from 1 to 48. Do you need to upgrade software to add a new controller? I bought the first 2 as a package with everything included
  9. I think I configured them. On the hardware utility at the bottom I clicked on the configure button and it didn't show any controllers. I refreshed and it listed all three. Tried the show tonight but the new (3rd) controller still isn't working. In the test mode it seems to work fine, at least when I tested the lights they came on. That shows that the computer know they're there. I'm using windows 7 if that helps. When i bought the new controller I reprogramed all my songs over so I don't know if I did anything there. Any Help out there?
  10. I added a new controller this year but it's not turning on the lights. I refreshed the hardware utility and it shows up in the drop down menu. I started the show tonight but the 2 arches used on that controller are not working. Everything else works fine. The controllers are numbered 1, 2, and the new one is 3. I tested both arches before I plugged them in. Anybody have any ideas?
  11. Shouldn't it hit 00:00 at midnight the 24th ?
  12. Yea, I enabled and turned on control lights. Thanks Denis Thanks Fred
  13. Your right Chuck, I am having trouble finding the actual sequences. The show editor window shows everything. I put all sequences from a back up disc in my new computer, my xp computer crashed and now I have windows 7. Everything works fine in the sequence editor so they are in here somewhere. I just can't find it listed like the LOR support tutorial shows it. Got any ideas? Thanks Fred
  14. I added all the Sequences to the show editor, saved the file and set it up in the scedule editor. Nothing happened. When I look at the size of the file it is less than half of the kb of the one on my sequence editor even though that's the one I added. All the sequences are over 50 mb and the show has less than 1 mb. I also tried 1 sequence with the simple show builder and nothing happened. Help Fred
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