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    bradenton florida
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    41-yr old. Hardworking family man. Moved to Florida from Washington States 7 yrs ago. Likes to work on projects.
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    Aquarium: 400 gallon fish tank. Keeps busy with projects. Construction Background.
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    Sales Rep/Roof Trusses
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    Always put up xmas lights like everyone else. Then ran across video of Sicronized lights. Got very interested in it. 2007-purchased controllers from Animated lighting (ordered: 4-controllers /64 channels/1-DMX controller/monster brain/ snow machine/approx. 7 songs). 2008-was 1st year of using all the controllers with great sucess and now we are adding more. Had a huge turn out. We were on the news couple times. 2009-Getting ready to order 4 more controllers (for a total of 128 channels and FM transmitter) In process in building Arches for new display this year.
  1. I'm running 128 channels with animated lighting controllers with about 50,000 lights.
  2. Here is a new video of my arch/ fans with my garage pinwheels. http://vimeo.com/17636633The
  3. Heres some pics of my gable fans on the roof.
  4. The Star is wood (cut out of a piece of plywood and drilled the holes)
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