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    bradenton florida
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    41-yr old. Hardworking family man. Moved to Florida from Washington States 7 yrs ago. Likes to work on projects.
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    Aquarium: 400 gallon fish tank. Keeps busy with projects. Construction Background.
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    Sales Rep/Roof Trusses
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    Always put up xmas lights like everyone else. Then ran across video of Sicronized lights. Got very interested in it. 2007-purchased controllers from Animated lighting (ordered: 4-controllers /64 channels/1-DMX controller/monster brain/ snow machine/approx. 7 songs). 2008-was 1st year of using all the controllers with great sucess and now we are adding more. Had a huge turn out. We were on the news couple times. 2009-Getting ready to order 4 more controllers (for a total of 128 channels and FM transmitter) In process in building Arches for new display this year.
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