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  1. Don't use XP support is ending in March or April.
  2. In Canada the postage could cost more than the the lights! I have had very few failures on my LEDs and I have bought them all over (I couldn't tell where most of my lights come from (except for the GREEN ones)).
  3. My goal is to bring enjoyment to everyone that watches the display... So I cover every inch of my yard in lights
  4. Micky Mouse! Who cares! People enjoy the show and to me thats all that matters.
  5. Send them a controller FM transmitter and Christmas with a Capital C sequenced.
  6. Before LOR I had wanted the flashy blinky. I used X10 but they were slow. I go a controller that flashed the lights from Zellers that lasted 10 minutes before I burnt it up. Mr Christmas was used for 2 years.(it is used at my office during Christmas and people are amazed by it). I like static displays and will stop to look at one for a minute or two. If this was 20 years ago I would have a static display. But I like the blinky flashy to music.
  7. Ummm maybe it needs MORE lights! Someone should find out their address and everyone could send a string or two !
  8. Can I ask what you paid for a controller on Ebay? The ones I see are sold for more than new ones from LOR!
  9. i have over 20,000 LEDs and they "can" run on one circuit but I have them running on 3.
  10. Nov 30 this year is the official light up BUT I am running some now to test things.
  11. Construction should be done by next year so Take a year off...
  12. You do know there are only 4 (weekend) days before light up!?!?! It gets dark around 5 here so it is hard to do anything after work so it only leaves me the weekend!
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