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  1. Frank Brunke wrote: Oh man... After my vertigo-on-the-roof issue last year I thought of doing exactly this. Once again the internet thwarts my "original" ideas. I'm going to be moving to a single storey house soon so I'll only need a step ladder this year.
  2. Thought I'd try the Lowes near my office today at lunch. You'd have though Christmas never happened. What held decorations last Friday was nothing but yard and patio furniture today. I did score the last 80' heavy duty green extension cord from the grocery store tonight for $7.99.
  3. I hit up several stores today... First, Hobby Lobby. Got six sets of 25 green C7's, stakes to mount them. Then to Michaels. Got an animated buck and doe and some extension cords. Next up, Lowes. Nothing much here, except some 36" wreaths (no lights) for $4.99 each - got the last two. Then onto Wal-Mart and hit the motherlode... got some more blue and white icicles to get the rest of the way around the house. Ten packs of red, twelve packs of white and some multi mini's, some more 26" white light pathway trees. Other misc decorating stuffs included some garland and bows. Last was my local Ac
  4. I was in my local Hobby Lobby tonight, and noticed they had bags of plugs that fit into the open end of a C9 socket.
  5. daxx

    'Nother Noobie

    Well, I've been lurking around here a few days, and have finally plucked up courage to say "hi" to everyone. I enjoy looking at peoples Christmas light displays, and for the first time have my own "display" - this is my first Christmas as a homeowner in south-central Kansas and have put up 2500 lights, mainly two colors of interwoven icicles and some small lit trees. Like many noobs, I have grander visions of a monster synchronized light show (ah, the influence of Carson's video... ) but I need some power modifications before I can get too many lights outside as my only outside outlet is on
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