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    oh - what I do for a living? Supervisor in Mainframe Operations.
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  1. That is an adorable picture. thanks for posting that!
  2. Great pics - I'll check it out.
  3. Yum - thanks a bunch for the post! Can't wait to eat it.
  4. With China's record on human rights - yeah, I say it's true.
  5. I know a woman that is my age (40) and she found out she has cancer. A week later, I went to the doctor for a physical and I have a clean bill of health. I'm very thankful for my health and Maria (who has cancer) is in my prayers. So sad.
  6. I hate to dive into politics - and moderator - please yank this thread I started if this is to controversial. Let me ask everyone - is the ACLU the "grinch" of Christmas when they are trying to take the government to court if the manger display is on government property? Like to hear some opinions.
  7. That does look pretty cool. I'll be biting the bullet as well.
  8. It seems I've had this before - maybe not exactly like it. But whatever it was - it tasted good. Thank you for the recipe. I actually bookmarked this page to save the recipe when we start making Christmas goodies.
  9. Shrimp salad for Christmas??? Are you kidding? OK - I'm game. Sounds great!
  10. The other day I woke up w/ a dream that had me losing my job. It seemed so real, that when I finally was fully awake and knew it was just a dream - I was so thankful that I had my job. I got out of bed, still very thankful that it was just a bad dream. I then started thinking about the things I had to do that day at work, ten minutes later, I was grumbling about my job. I looked back later and thought how stupid I was to grumble about it. Learn to be content...
  11. Pretty weird. Every Christmas season, I get drooling for Christmas cookies w/ icing on it. After the season, I don't eat them. Only during the months of November and December. What's everybody's fav Christmas cookies?
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