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    July Sale

    Hey Paul, I goofed around and missed your sale. Will you put C7 and M6 strings on sale again for the '12 weeks of christmas' sale?
  2. I've finally figured out how to upload videos. I posted a few here if anyone is interested. http://vimeo.com/user5430193 Thanks
  3. I live in a small town so I normally get around 10 cars a night. Last night it jumped to well over 50. I lost count. Maybe closer to 100. All it took was a nice write up in the local paper. So if you really want a lot of traffic, invite a news crew over to see it. http://vimeo.com/user5430193
  4. Hello all from Harlem, GA Got mine up and finally debugged tonight. Only took 8 days this time.
  5. Same here. I got all the lights I ordered except the icicle lights.
  6. Yep. Norton went nuts and deleted it two seconds after the download completed.
  7. I bought a 4 camera system with a DVR from these guys: http://www.ezwatch-security-cameras.com/ezwatch-pro-features.php Cameras have metal housing, not plastic. Should last a long time. Day and night vision is great. Can get pricey though if you get the fancy cameras. I'm happy with the standard outdoor cameras. DVR was ready to go right out of the box. I went with the DVR because I didn't have a computer I wanted to dedicate to the security cameras. The Video Capture card appears to have more features though and costs less than a DVR. I waited until they had a decent sale bef
  8. I wear shoes. But that's just me.
  9. I couldn't find any reasonably priced razor wire so I'm bolting mine on half sheets of half inch plywood over a 2x4 frame. The frame will also be staked down. The only draw back is they will destroy the base of the inflatable before they can walk off with it. But I only have two.
  10. I bought a Dell and this is one of the first things I did to it: http://www.pcdecrapifier.com/download
  11. How is the alarm powered? Batteries? If so, how long do they last?
  12. I saw this in this mornings paper. Don't know if he's a PCer or not. Note that security lights do help. Link and the Story is below: (It's also my first attempt at posting) http://newstimes.augusta.com/stories/2009/11/01/new_553873.shtml Vandals don 't deter man 's holiday spirit By Valerie Rowell Staff Writer Harvey Hayes puts a lot of effort, money and pride into holiday displays at his Evans home. Jim Blaylock/Staff Harvey Hayes' Halloween display was vandalized at about 3:45 a.m. Sunday. He said a black Ford Expedition occupied by teenagers has been going p
  13. There are a lot of them. http://www.ask.com/web?qsrc=178&o=0&l=dir&dm=all&q=black%20friday%20sales
  14. Usually its on the box or at least on the tag near the plug. But I don't have one of those so.....
  15. I have it. Actually two different ones. Send me a PM with your email address.
  16. Here's a pdf of UL numbers for decorative lights. The numbers you found aren't even close to these. http://www.ul.com/global/eng/documents/offerings/industries/lighting/decorativelighting/decorative/nostrike.pdf So, you might be correct.
  17. You use a Zip Tool to open up siding. Be very careful if the siding is old though. An example of how to do it is here: http://homerepair.about.com/od/exteriorhomerepair/ss/using_ziptool_2.htm
  18. Speaking of 10% off. If you have a military ID of any kind, active or retired, you get 10% off all the time at Lowes. (I wasn't commenting to you specifically. Just making an announcement for those that may not know.)
  19. I didn't see any of that on the Fry's.com web site. That sounds a lot better. Did you buy that online or locally? I'm interested. I also guessed too small. Thanks
  20. What size heat shrink tubing do you use for SPT1 and SPT2 wire? I've always just pulled it out of a drawer full of assorted sizes and never had to order it before. I'm guessing 1/4 inch for each wire and 3/8 inch for the cord itself. And no, I don't have access to that handy drawer anymore.
  21. I'm looking at that blank line and have the same question.
  22. Make that over two thirds. You can put me down for 10. Thanks Mike
  23. This thread is about the same as what you're looking for. http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php?t=34922
  24. There isn't a direct link. Go to the sound of magic web site. click on SOUNDS OF MAGIC (left side of screen) Click on EPCOT Click on FUTURE WORLD (bottom center of screen) Scroll down to the bottom. Look right under the last picture. TA DA, you found it.
  25. Did you look at these? http://www.minionsweb.com/osStore/spot-bulb-p-312.html
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