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    Twin Cities, Minnesota
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    Attended re-PLUS 2009; first time attendee; Attended 2010 Chicagoland Regional - Wow!
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    Christmas Lights, Golf, Boating, Hawaii
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    My display has 54K lights - mostly static with with a lot of red & clear C-9s on the house and barn.

    For years my display has included a 20' mega tree we call the Tree of Lights with 400 multi colored C-9s.

    In 2009 I added 12,000 red/green/clear minis as an "inner" Tree of Lights and -- for the first time -- added 32 channels of LOR to control the Tree of Lights. I think it turned out great! There are some pictures on my mega-tree blog.

    In 2010, I'm planning on adding some arches of lights, since everybody else seems to have them. OOPS! "Due to inclement weather, and the resulting 2010 high maintenance, the arches are now scheduled for 2011". That is all.

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