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  1. That's quite the display and they did a nice story on you. Sorry to see you retire!
  2. The more you read posts on PC, the further you feel behind!
  3. Welcome to PC! Come back here daily and you will feel further and further behind! On top of that, my sister is visiting for lights on Thanksgiving and when I tell her of rain, snow, repairs, etc. I get "well, you better get them up" - uggg
  4. I use C9s so they are similar to C7s. I use eye hooks on the board below the gutter stringed with 18 gauge steel wire. Fairly easy up and really easy down.
  5. I won't join the the technical argument, but in general, it's best to get your vampire plugs from the same place as you get your cord to be sure it fits and works.. I, like many here, get it from CDI because it works.
  6. 5:00 pm Thanksgiving night through the Sunday after New Years Day. I hope.
  7. How do you keep the public out on Thanksgiving?
  8. You should be able to order the pumpkin patch inflatable here: http://www.menards.com/main/search.html?search=halloween+inflatable
  9. I'm always amazed to see a blowmold display. Where do you guys keep all that stuff? Nice display; I really like the flying reindeer!
  10. Wow! That looks wonderful! Did your friend have a display that is no longer? Just curious.
  11. Aside from being sideways, it looks like a great tree!
  12. I used mini lights around windows for a few years and they bugged the heck out of me because they were always loose and crooked. Then I switched to C9s that I could keep perfectly straight and cut to length held in place with wires through eye hooks. Then we got new windows and my wife said that I was NOT drilling those. So I currently use frames from I think Frame My World with C9s and they work well. I have them situated so that they are visible from the inside and the outside and they are actually among my favorite lights because they are so festive from the inside!
  13. Welcome! To me the biggest thing is to decide on a color theme and then stick with it. Mine is red and clear mostly C9s - how original! Some folks, one in my neighborhood, buy whatever is on sale so they put up a lot of lights, but it is a mish-mash and looks terrible. Adding a little each year is a good idea and will give you a better feel for care and maintenance needed. At our house, nothing "new" goes up until all of the "old" is fully operational!
  14. Welcome to PC on your first post! You are allowed to post pictures and they would be appreciated.
  15. If you moved to a warmer climate, LOTS of things would change -- For example in some meeting somewhere I learned that some folks here have to plan their display so that they can still cut the grass -- are you kidding? Doesn't everyone have to use a hammer drill and concrete bit to get their wireframes in?? To keep it on track, I guess you could count tire tracks in the snow.
  16. I don't count cars or people; but, I've heard that some folks hand out mini candy canes to each person in every car (including adults) and use that to tally visitors
  17. Your sequence is well done and I can see where kids would like it. Good job!
  18. Welcome to PC! My display is also mostly static but I use LOR controllers for leaping arches and mega trees and it seems to work well. Again Welcome!
  19. Putting lights on lawns obviously won't work in Minnesota. But I know that others have used regular mini lights on their lawns, sometimes in a pattern like a triangle, to highlight a key display element. If you controlled the lights with LOR, using regular mini strings might make a nicer pattern. The LawnLights brand that you link to seems to have "net light" sort of effect which is not my favorite look.
  20. I really like the PC logo of Santa Tangled in Lights. You could use that and say something like "We're still untangling lights but should be ready to go again in 2014!" If you use a PC logo, you have to give PlanetChristmas.com credit. You could just put PlanetChristmas.com at the bottom of your sign. The Santa tangled in lights logo on the PC web site is not very large, but Chuck Smith is looking for the high resolution version (and hopefully will post it soon) because I want to use it in a sign for my display.
  21. Welcome to PC! Starting off with 2 or 3 controllers is a good decision. Sometimes you see folks on here who start off with a lot more and then the next year you see their whole set up for sale. So keep it manageable and take time to Enjoy the lights. Again, Welcome!
  22. I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in stock piling incandescent lights!
  23. I try to wait as long as possible to minimize incandescent bulb fading. Having said that I don't control much about when I start. I am afraid of heights so I hire someone to put up lights on the 2nd story. So those go up based on their schedule, or more accurately working around their deer/duck hunting plans. I also put a lot of lights on trees and have to wait 'til the leaves drop before I can do those. I confess that I've been taking the leaf blower to the trees to try and speed up the process!
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