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  1. I'm with Senior; if that is your priority, good for you; but you've picked the wrong hobby. This is more like buying a new set of golf clubs EVERY year and STILL going to Pebble Beach. I vote Cooliocuneo for the light clips; assuming that he assures you he will use them or pass them on.
  2. Fans of the Dickens Collection probably do not need pictures of the items you have for sale; but, I think all would benefit from knowing how much you want for them.
  3. That's great. I'm in awe of folks like you who can put up multiple, large and great, displays each year. Thank you!
  4. Those are very nice. Table tops provide a great way to have a variety of trees in a limited space.
  5. I got a little lost and ended up re-reading some posts and this caught my eye. LOL.
  6. I agree, very creative. Very nice. And, you've got 6 months left, so if you wanted to build a bunch of them you could. But only if you wanted to. You know you want to.
  7. Does that mean you are "off the grid" AND you have a tunnel? Hmmmm.
  8. That is very cool. I'm not sure where I could put it, but you've got me thinking. . .
  9. I get an annual Christmas Card from Xcel Energy.
  10. It seems like it should be something "Borg-ish", with your name and all. . .
  11. In the end, considering your time, is it cheaper to make wireframes or buy them? What lights look the best (obviously that is a matter of opinion) but you could have the same wireframe lit with rope lights, minis, LEDs, C-7s to show the difference. For my wireframes I use 5 watt and 7 watt C-7s depending on the wireframe and you could have a display to show the differece.
  12. Very nice finds! I'm certainly no blow mold expert, but Santa with a pipe seems unusual. Is it?
  13. That is so far over my head that I think it's blocking out Venus. But the pictures are cool. I think I'll just go back to trying to make my little incandescant bulbs work now. But, thanks for the pics, they are really neat.
  14. Who knew that Wichita was a haven for Jesus thieves!
  15. I'm going to avoid the whole GFCI discussion. You are static and so am I, even though I have 80 channels of LOR. It seems to me that there are fundamental differences between what and how you decorate if you are static or animated to music. While I agree with getting multiple electrical estimates, you need an electrician that you can work with -- one that you can teach about Christmas Decorating. For example, in a static display you might put lights on trees. Those trees are going to GROW. You WILL need more lights. So the electrical power you put in for them should accommodate this in advance - otherwise you will have the electrician out every time you add a string of lights. I've been there.
  16. I can't tell the scale from the photo but it looks beautiful! And the detail is great. Get the value for insurance if you need to, but I would not sell it; it is great!
  17. A little late to the party, but: VERY nice display and pictures!
  18. It works for me, but I'm no Geek so I can't help you much. Must be something with your settings either on PC or your browser. If you don't solve it, send Chuck Smith a PM and ask for help.
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