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    Mooresville, NC
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    My husband and I both work in NASCAR and both grew up with large Christmas displays in our hometowns. I grew up in Orange County, Calif. and my husband in Lakeside, Ohio.
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    We both consider building our Christmas lights a full-time hobby. We also have 14 rescue dogs and cats that are our family.
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    I am a Manufacturer Representative for Toyota in NASCAR and my husband is a fabricator
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    The pride of our display is a 40 foot by 40 foot ski slope complete with skiing polar bears, snowboarding penguins and bears on saucers coming down the hill. Last year was our first year with arches and a mega tree using LOR products. We are definitely still learning the ropes with the animation.
  1. When I used these lights they were simply static in my display and used to outline the house -- they were not connected to my LOR portions.
  2. They ARE NOT aluminum -- they are steel. These are commercial grade lights that have performed great.
  3. They are basically wire frame (steel). They definitely wont flip up in wind. Let me know if there are other questions and yes, they go up with regular gutter clips. Thanks for looking!!
  4. We are looking to sell our set of 'Linkables' icicle lights. These are commercial grade clear lights in lengths of three feet each. We have a total of 46 three-foot lengths. A couple have been bent to fit around the corners of the house, but can be straightened back out or others can be bent depending on your needs. Examples of this style of lights can be seen at www.briteidea.com. The retail price of these lengths are $31.00 each when they are new. These are only a couple years old and slightly used. We are asking $500.00 for the entire set (price is slightly negotiable). If
  5. Mike, To be honest, I know how much each one is worth individually, but because I am a member of Planet Christmas, I would like to try to have another member purchase the entire set if they are interested. Would be willing to entertain offers for the entire lot of about $1,200.00 OBO. Hope this helps! Lisa
  6. Hello all, I have several pieces of the Dept. 56 Dickens Collection for sale. All of the pieces are in their original boxes and packaging with only a couple having some slight box damage. I would prefer to sell the complete lot together and I do have photos of everything listed which I will be happy to send along if someone is interested. Please send me a PM if you are interested and care to make an offer on the set or would like more information. The items included are listed below: - Kings Road Post Office - Hembleton Pewterer - Mr. & Mrs. Pickle - Ashbury Inn - T. Puddlewi
  7. I just want to thank Drew for the great LOR immersion classes. Had a really great time meeting some new friends and feel like I learned a lot. As soon as I came home, I told my husband that we needed to start laying out the display because I needed to get going on my programming (already feeling behind). But I know I took a lot of great things away from the two-days of instruction and look forward to putting my new found knowledge to good use. Thanks again Drew and I look forward to keeping in touch with several friends from class. Lisa Kennedy co-creator of 'MegaFlake'
  8. Darlene, The reindeer were awesome over at Christmas Place -- I ended up purchasing two of the smaller versions while I was there!! I wanted to also say that it was a pleasure meeting you and your husband John during the LOR class! You guys are great and I really hope we can keep in touch! Lisa Kennedy 'MegaFlake' co-creator
  9. My husband and I are definitely going and can't wait! Made hotel reservations about five months ago just to be sure to get the best rate possible. But seems that there will be so much to learn and see -- we wouldn't miss it!!
  10. This set is still available and we would love to get it a new home for Christmas this year. Please let me know if you are interested! Thanks, Lisa
  11. Rex, As of right now, they are still available, but I do have a couple folks that we are speaking to about the set. If you are interested, please shoot me a private message with an offer for them. Being that you are in Florida, we would have to also include the cost of shipping them to you. Thanks for looking! Lisa
  12. We are accepting reasonable offers for the set. Just shoot me a private message if you would like to make an offer on them. Thanks for looking!
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