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  1. Thank you. I got it figured out with Brian from Superstar. Something was corrupt in the Preview. Yes, everything was showing in the preview and looked correct, but when superstar just was not seeing it. We deleted the preview and rebuilt and after, everything showed up.
  2. Hi all, I have had S2 and the same display since 2008. This year I decided it was time to add something. I bought the S5 pro, 2 CCR superstar and the 2 arch package from holiday coro. Wow, LOR is different now.. I created a preview for my house, including the two new arches. I am not good at sequencing, so my intent is to import my current songs and use the instant sequence to add the arches. I created a group with the two arches in it, but when I open the superstar, it only shows one arch. So of course when I run the instant sequence, it only does one arch. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Zach
  3. I use RGB lights from http://www.seasonalentertainmentllc.com/rainbowwallrunner.htm I don't use any of the DMX stuff, just a DC controller. I haven't upgraded to S3, I'm still using S2.
  4. I just had a couple mini trees get blown around and my tune to sign was bent over. All was easily fixed.
  5. Just go to your Light-O-Rama\Sequences folder and and attach the files to your email. If you have a bunch, you can copy them to a separate folder, then zip it and send it that way.
  6. Where? I just looked at his page and can't find a link to download or buy it. Nevermind, I found. You have to click on the bandcamp link. http://brianfitzy.bandcamp.com/
  7. They have some very nice looking door covers. Would like to hear how it turns out for the OP.
  8. The pumpkin arch you have as a pic on your FB page is pretty cool!
  9. Sorry, we could not locate the page you are requesting to view. Please click here to return to the community index View New Content has also been weird for me. Sorry, no new content found.
  10. If you want more than 9,000 lights, you could go with all LED. LED would bump it way up. As for the music, yes, you can sequence any song that you want. The new Super Star program can sequence the lights for you, but takes some learning to get all of it's features. I am not good a sequencing and I am thinking about getting the Super Star. I want to add a mega tree to my display.
  11. Wow, he had a wonderful display! Sad to hear of his passing!
  12. I came here to find out when the next meet was happening. I'm disappointed and sorry that I missed it!!
  13. I really hope that I can make it this year! Went two years ago and thought it was great.
  14. IIRC, you can test individual units with the hardware utility. Using the verify-er might work also.
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