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  1. After years of decorating our home and countless hours hunting down blowmolds to populate our winter wonderland, we've decided it's time to dim the lights. This weekend coming up we will be putting together a list of items for sale from blowmolds, to controls (some new in boxes), rgb ribbons (never used), mega tree and many other items that we will be selling. The plan will be to open our home for anyone who would like to take advantage or picking up some items that we will be selling on a first come, first serve bases. We WILL NOT be shipping any items. We live in Crystal Lake, IL an
  2. I left one outside last year one of the PC controller series and the board corroded inside the enclosure and forced me to get an emergency replacement. I'd suggest not leaving them out.
  3. This year I used Styrofoam to redo my Chimney for the Grinch in my display and have been looking at all the practical display usages that could happen. I have a plan for a big project this next year (details to follow in coming months) which will combine PVC and Styrofoam I'd love to hear if anyone else is using the material?
  4. I just put an order in for this item: PVC Bendit http://www.pvcbendit.com/gallery
  5. I use foam board for an chimney in my display. You can purchase a hotwire tool to cut the foam into the shape of the snow. A couple things to think about first getting the right type of glue to secure the foam. Don't use hot glue or other types of foam clue. I found that the best stuff is Loctite powergrab... http://menards.com/main/paint/adhesives/construction-adhesives/loctite-power-grab-all-pupose-adhesive-pressure-pack/p-1504391-c-7921.htm When you paint the boards the paint can actually cause it to shrink so you'd want to cover it with something along the lines of Shellshock whi
  6. This opens some new possibilities for next year. I'm luck enough to have a vinyl cutter so I'd love to give that a try. My surface is only 9" wide but I have cut larger by separating the sections.
  7. Menards has Special light clips that connect to the siding and have a swivel head on them so you can rotate the lights position. I'm using them around my garage. In the past I just used regular clips and cut the end short. I use this type for hanging items on siding: http://www.holidayle...ght_siding_clip and this type for my lights: http://www.freepaten...om/D482489.html (This is what Menards had)
  8. Menards has Special light clips that connect to the siding and have a swivel head on them so you can rotate the lights position. I'm using them around my garage. In the past I just used regular clips and cut the end short. I use this type for hanging items on siding: http://www.holidayleds.com/christmas_lights/christmas_light_siding_clip and this type for my lights: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/D482489.html (This is what Menards had)
  9. There are a couple ways that I have done this. The first way involves taking 1 in. pvc, ripping a line down one side and cutting the pipe into smalle sections. It makes a C shaped hook that can slide under the vinyl and can hold them up. Also there are hooks you can purchase that hold really well that basically do the same thing. The hooks I bought from here: http://www.holidayleds.com/christmas_lights/christmas_light_siding_clip there is a post some place in the forms that shows the other style.
  10. Brian you're right about that. But in all your cases my home owners insurance would cover it. If something happens outside my property line because of my actions then, you're kind of on your own unless the HOA approves it then they become liable.
  11. Same story around me. No stock even for full price purchases.
  12. I wasn't sure the best place to put this. I've been looking at new music and can across a couple people might find cool Straight No Chaser - Christmas Can Can Paul Oakenfold & William Ross - Carol of the bells From harold and kumar's christmas album Anything new people are finding or like?
  13. I have a weird situation in my display and controller set-up in which I can't name any of the boxes unit 6. I found to issues the first one was that I had to skip the unit number and that one of my boxes had to be the end of a chain in order to work. The box that is the end of the chain I sent into LOR last year to have it looked at and it they fixed a connection. Try changing the unit number or placement in the series.
  14. I saw this image this morning and while it's a drawing it made me think how cool would it be to have some 3D Lego style wireframes for the display.
  15. Not quite the same but may work http://www.acehardware.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2447181&cp=1890219.1430789&cp=1890219&lmdn=Brand&searchId=1430789 http://www.acehardware.com/largeImage/index.jsp?LargeImageURL=http%3A//ACE.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pACE3-8754011dt.jpg http://www.holidayleds.com/christmas_lights/double_string_gutter_hook http://www.holidayleds.com/christmas_lights/christmas_light_siding_clip
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