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  1. Hey, I am in Birmingham. This is my second year with 112 channels. I travel around north AL and may try to come and see your lights. I think that there are several in Huntsville. I hope it goes well. The Birmingham News came by to take pictures tonight. If you get to B'ham come by Hwy 119 and Millstone Road. Jim
  2. I made a three sided star. It is about 24" and goes on top of a 24' tree.
  3. Has anyone tried to use horizontal rings to keep the lights from sagging? I have a 24' tree with red, green, white and multi strings on it and the lights get pretty heavy. I had thought about using horizontal rings about every 2 feet would work really well. Any thoughts?
  4. This was my first year to use LED lights and I ordered around 200 strings of various lights in red, green, white and multi. Most of the lights went to a mega tree. I have lost 5 or so strings of the green and 1 of the multi colored. I got the LEDs so I would have less trouble with the strings but now I am starting to worry. If we are seeing this many failures so soon what does that mean for the future? Maybe the weak ones have failed and the others will last many years? I can hope. I notice on the Holiday Creations page they said that in the first year to go back to the vendor. Has anyone tr
  5. We start ours on Thanksgiving night. It works out good with all the people out with kids after the Thanksgiving dinner. This year we jumped from 16 to 112 channels, lots of extra fun. Jim
  6. I need 2 strings of 50 count red and 50 count green LED lights. I need ones that work with LOR. Does anyone have 2 extra? Thanks,
  7. This was my first 'big' order of LED lights. I got three boxes of lights maybe two weeks ago and was just able to inventory them this weekend. Everything was highlighted except the spt wire and plugs. But when I started counting I was way short on the number of lights, like 50 of 150 strings. Since the packing list had all of the LED lights highlighted I was expecting them to be here. I sent an email Sunday night and still waiting for a response. Hopefully it will get resolved soon. I tested all of the lights that I got and they all worked OK. They look really good too.
  8. I agree, I did seem to be very late with not alot of time left before Christmas for people to find the light displays. Is there any hope that the paper will change this year? Jim
  9. I was ready and waiting for the sale. I got 4 controllers (ctb16pc). These with a whole lot of LED should make it a fun year this Christmas.
  10. Are there any left? Of the controllers I ment.
  11. Well we got the lights up for the grand lighting at Thanksgiving. Things went very good and it only took two days to get the light set up and then another day or two to get all the finishing touches done. This is the first year to use LOR. We got 16 channels, the wife wants 48 or more next year. I feel like a kid in the yard watching the lights flash. What fun.
  12. Hi Ya'll, I am just getting into the world of computerized lighting. Last year '08 we had a Mr Christmas and it was a lot of fun. This year I bought a 16 channel LOR set. So now I am learning how to senquence the lights and stuff. It should loads of fun.
  13. I would be intrested in a non RDS unit with group buy. Thanks,
  14. Does anyone have a good EDM fm transmetter for sale? I am looking for one and read that several people have upgraded to the newer LCD model. If anyone has one to sell please let me know. Thanks, a newbie
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