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  1. Hello. Sounds like a bad triac on that channel and needs to be replaced. You could also contact LOR And see what they say. Don In Kenner-LA
  2. hi all well the 2012 show is up and running strong. i relly love the addition of the video it really adds to the show. i hope every one is having a good year. don in kenner-la
  3. Hello Everyone. This is my first year using a video projector in my display and I have all my sequences set to video except one Amazing Grace by Yule i am stumped on what to use does any one have a video that can be used with this sequence or any Ideas I know that Santa Symponies is not the way to go because of the differnt aspects of the holiday. my email is [email protected] Thanks Don In Kenner-LA
  4. Hi All: well I survied another Hurricane just need to repair the roof damage and few other things. Then get back in gear for Halloween and Christmas. still building the train and getting the projector ready have almost all my sequences done with movies. Don In Kenner-LA
  5. hi Iam also using video you need to save them as mwm files for lor to use durning the show. Don In Kenner-LA
  6. Hi All Merry Christmas EveryOne! And May GOD Bless You... From Don In Kenner-La
  7. Hi all: Yep Thats about right 60,000 lights my mega tree is 12,400, 124 strings of 100 red,green and white lights by itself.wow thanks for LEDs but I did have power ran and each controller has its own supply. I have a electrican in the family and it only cost me parts. Hmm 600 boxes of lights I might have more than 60,000 lol. Hope Everyone Is Having a great season. Don In Kenner-LA
  8. Hi all Yes LOR does sell a complete package you can get the controller I pasted on here and basic software for 32 channels. And if you need any help I have lots of 16 and 32 channel sequences that will get you up and running. One thing I found out about this forum is the people on here are great and will do almost anything to help you out. All you have to do is ask and show you also want to help your self. I was a complete newbie just a few years ago and I still have some problems now and then and they are always their with there advice to help. But they are not going to come to my house and set up my display and do my sequences for me. The funest part of this hobbie is building your own display and sequencing and after its all done you can watch and say I did that and be proud. You look on the internet and you watch the videos of the Webbers and Holdmans and others but not every one can make a display like that. Iam proud of mine because it is mine and any newbie out there will be just as proud. The hardest part is taking that first step. It is a expensive hobbie I hear about the price of the controllers , thats really the cheap part look at the price of extention cords and lights. My advice is start small and add every year. Don In Kenner-la
  9. Hi All. I guess i will be the Honest one here. I have been doing Shows for about 8 years now. Started out with the Gemmy holiday 16 channel. which is really only 8 channels they fool you and say control up to 16 devices but its only 8 channels it was just plain awful sold it after the first year. YOU ONLY GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! Now that is said. I bought a lor saved some money and bought another and now iam up to 4 16 channel controllers I bought them partly put together and finished them my self. My advice to you is buy one controller for this year and if you like it then save and buy another or keep watching the forums and find a used one. If this hobby is not for you then you wont have any problem selling it. My advice is if you cant afford this hobby and go LOR or animated lighting then mabe you should just stay static and go watch other peoples animated displays. Iam sorry if this sounds heartless but it is the truth and the people will bend over backwards and try to help you if you are trying to help your self. No soldering is required. You get everything you need to build a 30 amp computerized Light Controller housed in a weather resistant plastic enclosure. With a few hand tools you can put together this 16 channel controller. Compared with our ShowTime products, this is a lighter duty controller with less bells and whistles but it has the same lighting effects as the ShowTime units. All LOR controllers are compatible so you can add this controller into any LOR setup. This is a Third Generation (GEN3) Light-O-Rama Controller. It is designed to be used with all Christmas Lights including LEDs. Comes as pictured above. Controller card with Heavy duty heatsinks is pre-installed in the enclosure. You assemble the strain relief, clamp the wires in place, screw the strain relief to the enclosure and plug the wires into the card. In an hour (actual time may vary) you will have a 30 amp, 16 channel light controller. Software is not included. The Generic Starter Package includes the adapter cables and software required to use this controller. Availability: This year we have experienced serious supplier delays. However, we are now receiving a steady supply of the CTB16PC-GEN3 controller cards that are used to build the this controller. We know that the demand from our customers will outstrip our ability to provide immediate delivery of this product. Please be advised that it may be many weeks before we can deliver. (orders placed early will be delivered fairly quickly) Regular Price $215.95 ( Introductory price $205.95 ) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks Card Assembled (Complete Package) PC-CTB16PC-COMPLETE$205.95 Country: USA & CanadaAustralia (+20) Don In Kenner-LA
  10. Hi All: Happy Thanksgiving to all... And today I finished my set up and its up and running to night was the first real test with my sequences and it looks great might just be my best display yet. Iam running 64 channels and about 60,000 lights. Don In Kenner-La
  11. Hi All: Just tried out the holiday time 180 light white leds on the spool from wal-marts and let me tell you they work great i put them thru every test I could think of fading up and down twinkle and shimmer and they work flawlessly and they are pure white perfect for my holiday coro north star. Also if you havent tried out the north star from coro then you are missing out iam using three spools to get that holdman twinkle look i had it finished in less than two hours great product I dont think Holiday Coro makes a bad product keep up the good work Dmoore. Don In Kenner-LA
  12. Hi All: I Just finished another sequence for Singing pumpkin Hells bells by ACDC let me know if you want post your Email. Don In Kenner-LA
  13. Hi Everyone: I have a new sequence for the singing pumpkin if anyone wants it let me know. Its Hell's Bells by ACDC. Now for the board part I need Ideas for songs for the singing pumpkin or if you need a sequence let me know. I have gotten to the point where I really like making sequences. Also I really do not want any payment but a kind donation for my hobbie would be nice. Thanks Don In Kenner Ps Does any one know when LoR S3 is comming out.
  14. Hi all: Iam sorry but all requests for phantom of the opera sequence must now be forward to dmoore and holiday coro Thanks Don In Kenner P.S. Buy his great products I promise you cant go wrong.
  15. Hi 4Hoogies: I used the Holiday coro Pumpkin its only 39.00 and come with 3 sequences to get you started. I bought my lights at big lots 1.75 a box for strings of 50 in orange. It was easy I was done in about 2 hours that encludes the frame. trust me buy it premade you will save alot of headaches you have to buy it cut and make the holes. If you get from holiday coro you make the frame and put the lights in wit easy to follow directions and it looks great. Don In Kenner-La
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