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    I am a Christmas enthusiast. I am trying to computerize some of my displays, I know all about Christmas lights, but not about the technical issues involved in computerizing.
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    I have about 200,000 lights, wire frames (some static and some antimated), blowmolds, mega tree, wreaths, trees, 25 16 channel LOR controllers.

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  1. Thanks for the ideas. I can now get busy putting out my display.
  2. I would like some ideas on how to keep the blow molds standing through out the Christmas season.
  3. After speaking with LOR, seems it is a problem caused by an electrical storm. Looking at replacing controllers.
  4. I ran test through the hardware utility and my controllers work properly. When I try to run a sequence, they don't run correctly. I have verified that everything is hooked up correctly. I upgraded to 2.9.4 software, so what version firmware should I be running on controllers?
  5. Thanks for all you advice. The power company is upgrading my transformer.
  6. This is the first year I have used my controllers for the lights on my house, previously I used a mega tree. I am having trouble with my lights in the house flickering when my shows are running. Any one with an idea what could be causing this?
  7. I have the LOR complete package controller. I have previously used outdoor speakers. I am thinking of getting a Whole House Transmittor this year. What else would I need to get set up?
  8. Thanks to everyone for their advice. I sent him a certified letter requesting a return of my money or I would take further action. I received 3 of the 4 controllers today, he is repairing the 4th and will then send it. Believe me, after this ordeal, I will handle tranactions ALOT different.
  9. At first he sent PM messages with always a reason he had not sent the items, but I haven't heard from him in about 2 weeks. That is when I started getting concerned.
  10. Don't know if this is the right place to ask for info, but I am desperate. I purchased some controllers from a member of planet christmas. My check cleared my bank over a month ago, but to date I have not received any controllers. I feel I have been more than patient, and need some advice on what to do next. Thanks for your input.
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