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  1. One of the reasons I haven't jumped in already is because of my lights. I'm at the 5000 mark, and I want to have enough lights to really make a difference from the Mr. Christmas box I'm using now. (That box is very tempermental it seems, having trouble keeping it operating.) If I can solve the issues I'm having with Mr. Christmas, I think I'm really at a good point with that right now. (Honestly, better than any other house with a Mr. Christmas box I've seen.) Once I get the lights to add new channels to my mini trees, mega tree, house, etc. I will definately be ready for the LOR leap. Adding 8 mini trees this year to the front yard, I did utilize the "old light string extension cord" trick, which worked wonders. Since it sounds like I have a little time before any LOR sales, I'll have consider if I want to add LOR this year? Or x,xxx new lights to the display? It will be a fun debate! Thanks for the info. From the feeback I've received, and community involvement on the web, I know once I go LOR, it'll be a good experience. Chad
  2. I'm thinking about getting into the LOR world. A few questions.... Could I expect LOR to offer some sort of winter sale or something, where I might want to hold off buying anything right now? Would love to hear why I should choose LOR over other similar products. And lastly, if I were to start programming music next month, do I really need to know what my layout is going to look like now? Or is it possible to have a general idea, program off that, and then tinker with the layout as Christmas gets closer? Thanks, looking forward to reading replies! I think this jump will cause a big splash! Chad
  3. I just wanted to give a shout out to anyone on here in South Elgin, both Juniper Lane and the Foxmoor/Wildmint circle! Many very nice displays, and so easy to just idle down the street and enjoy! I like the theme of the 3ft north poles up and down the entire length of Juniper Lane, and the arches at both locations! Keep up the good work and we'll definately be back next year! Chad
  4. I ended up snipping the speaker wire and adding red/white male and female connections to each, which is also what my FM transmitter has. It has allowed me to switch from speaker to FM simply, but I can't have both at once. The problem I am having (and I had this problem before I did the FM transmitter mod) is that as soon as the temp drops (think high 20's overnight), the box stops working correctly. Either it will play one song and stop (power's on, but no light or music output) or it will show the lights correctly, but the music will sound very choppy. If the temp stays in the 30's or higher....no problems. I even moved the box into an encosed porch (still no heat), and same problem. I'm thinking of just buying a new one and hoping the problem was a fluke with this unit I have now. Does any other users have this problem? The other issue is that you can't just leave the switch on and operate on a timer.....has anyone found a way around this? Sorry to sabatoge your thread.....it just isn't easy getting many LASOC user's eyes in the same place too often.
  5. Galvanized pipe Is black steel pipe. It is just a galvanized coating for cleanliness and some corrosion resistance.
  6. I think the little girl in The Santa Clause once said "Seeing isn't believing....believing is seeing!".
  7. Does everyone wrap their tomato cages around? Does anone wrap their cages from top to bottom? I'm worried of not wrapping with enough consistency going around and around and around, and think that maybe going from top to bottom will allow me to more easily get a uniform coverage. Thanks,
  8. Would it be easier to find out the problem was a correct this? So it works normally on an analog timer? What you suggest sounds easy enough, but I know I'd screw it up. I found this online, and hope that it ends up being what my problem is. "This is a low voltage transformer that feeds the lights. Unplug all the light strings that are currently plugged in. You most likely have voltage to outlets but a shorted light string can pull the low voltage power down to nothing so the other light strings won't light. Pull all, then plug in one at a time until one shuts the rest down. That's the bad one."
  9. I'd be okay with an analog timer if I could find one that had intervals at less than 15 minutes........
  10. Or leave the Budweiser on and go for some sponsorship perks!! Nice find.
  11. Santa's got a tan! That is what mine looks like as well. Maybe not quite that dark, but close. (I haven't seen it in 7 months!) Chad
  12. Hi all, I have a Mr. Christmas Lights and Sounds of Christmas. My goal is to leave the switch on, and let the timer turn it on and off every ***ht. Last year I had a problem with it only playing 1 song and stopping, or not even starting up at all. I did a little research, and don't think I was the only one having this problem. One solution for someone else was using a digital timer, and turning the box on and off 4 or 5 times over the course of the first 15-20 seconds, essentially resetting (?) the control box. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good digital timer that would allow me to do that kind of quick turnover that won't break the bank. Thanks, Chad
  13. I was given a fair amount of large socket strands of lights....old ones, many of which don't work anymore....all C7/C9s. Am I correct in saying these C7/C9 retrofit bulbs I'm seeing online can go right into these strands, turning these into new efficient strands of lights? I'm really not interested in re-using them if they are not LEDS, but if this is the case, they will be a welcome addition to 2012's display. Thanks, Chad
  14. I'm giddy with anticipation.....my first preorder will lead to a few new additions next winter....plus I've never spent this much at one time on any decorations!
  15. Victor, You look like you have quite the display. I would love to get down and see Paxton as there are a number of Paceys down there! I'm in Genoa.
  16. Yeah, these sound like my problems to a tee. I can't imagine it being an overload problem....I am only using plugs A, C, and E this year. It's cold now, but it was doing the same thing when it was in the mid 40's. I leave mine switched on all the time, on a timer, so it sounds like I'll have to do some playing with the timer, as was mentioned. With 10 degree temps and 5" of snow, I don't like going out there and messing with the box everynight....once I get the FM transmitter hooked up and can keep the box on my porch it'll be better. I'm used to things not going smoothly the first time!
  17. I just got mine set up last weekend and it is doing the same thing. I didn't really do much testing before plugging it in outside, so I look forward to trying this solution tomorrow. I'm having another problem with mine....I can't seem to get it play more than 4 or 5 songs before it shuts off. The box is still powered up, the power light is on, but it stops playing music and all the lights stay off.....
  18. I think I am going to display some mini trees this year and might even go REAL crazy and hook them up a Mr. Christmas music box. I know many will wrap a tree in both red and green lights to blink back and forth. Does anyone wrap in a solid color (say green) that is on 100% of the time, and then also wrap in color or two that blinks? Or does this not look good? I'm thinking of going this route in case I don't want the blinking going on all night long. Chad
  19. Now these are cool! I hope to add a few to my collection this year! Thanks for sharing.
  20. This looks really good. Simple, yet, a lot of lights. A great combination. Were you planning on using all white lights? Or will each building be different color?
  21. Some great add ons.....I assume your toolbox really depends on the size of display you have and what it is you display. Many of those items and I had never considered! I have a feeling this will make everything go smoother having what I need handy and not having to make 100 runs to the garage!
  22. I was cleaning the garage the other day and found an empty toolbox/tackle box. It is one of the standard sized hand held about 16" long, 6" deep, 6" high. I got thinking that this would be the perfect little Christmas Decoraton survival kit. Fill it with all the little things that could be easily lost if kept in seperate spaces. However, keeping them together would save time, headaches, and running around! My question is, what would you keep in a box of that size? What's on your list? What I have thought of so far: spare lights, needle nose pliers, pliers, nails, small hammer, screws, drillbits, small hooks, electrical ape, duct tape, staple gun and staples, zip ties, pencil/pen. Look forward to the additions! Chad
  23. Yeah graduated 2 years ago in December...time flies...We always had a good interior display...especially our time in St. James.
  24. Michael, did you graduated Dec 07 as well? Was that the window on the ground level floor directly across from the bookstore parking lot?
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