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  1. Your Nativity set looks to have been made in the 1960's. I do not have information prior to 1966 but the #1372 Nativity set is shown in the Judith Novelty Sales catalogs that I have access to from 1966 through 1968 and possibly before those years. They changed the crib to the straw style that Andrew described above in 1969. Up through 1967 they sold it as an unlighted set, in 1968 they sold it unlighted as #1372 and as "#1373 Same as #1372 with C7 spot light, bulb & wire. UL listed." (Catalog description) The Empire #1372 & #1373 sets are shown as 18" 4 piece Nativity sets. In
  2. I found the auction and have tried contacting the seller. https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Vintage-Blow-MOLD-CRAFT-Style-40-034-CHOIR-Girl-CHRISTMAS-CAROLER-/154208041614?hash=item23e783fa8e%3Ag%3AvF0AAOSw9TRfurCQ&nma=true&si=Uc545D%2FxapXLcegr7XtFqWEyBFo%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  3. Do you possibly know who won the choir girl or who the seller was? If so, could you send the information as we are updating the blow-molded.com website and would love to get front and back pictures of it to add to the unknown section so that possibly someone might be able to identify it. At this time I don't remember seeing one like this before. The body is similar to the 1959 Mold-Craft choir kids but I do not remember seeing any Mold-Craft bodies with that style red bow so I do not think this one was made by them. I do not recall ever seeing a ALFCO choir kid with this style gown or in
  4. I really like your patriotic candles you did a great job on those. It's wonderful to see displays by people who are proud of their country and not afraid to show it. Thank you for serving our country and helping to protect us. Mel
  5. You are very welcome. Mel
  6. I like the red toy soldiers, are they original paint or did you repaint them?
  7. Did you find the answer for your blow molds? The link shows "Page not found" Mel
  8. Yes, the Empire versions have the yellow paint but they used new heads, not the Poloron heads.
  9. The pink gown angel was made by Union Products. Mel
  10. I agree, I had the opportunity to buy two at the time I bought ours and passed on the second one, the only reason I do not regret not buying both is that a friend of ours got the second one. Mel
  11. A few variations in how the angel was sold in the 1960's. Mel
  12. Donna, We do not have the Holiday Innovations Pixie Toy Soldier so I can not compare between the Poloron and HI one but we do have the Holiday Innovations Pixie Santa and he has PTN molded in to him which was the parent company of HI so possibly the HI toy soldier could have the same molded into him. Mel
  13. Original paint we have one in our collection also. Mel
  14. I would feel comfortable saying your set was made by Poloron. Holiday Innovations did make that set and they did not take the Poloron name off a lot of the molds but they did not make them until 1988-1991. Making them that late they would not have used the older cords for the lighting. As for the Empire set, Empire purchased the Poloron molds from PTN (Holiday Innovations) in 1992 and made them under the Empire name. Empire did not make or sell any blow molds with the Poloron name on them. Mel
  15. Donna, your Santa, Sleigh and Reindeer are Definitely Lidco. Here's a newspaper ad showing it with some other Lidco decorations. Mel
  16. Donna, Yes, I see what you are referring to, the color differences can be easy to explain, they just used a different color flame in 1990 and I assume the band is just painted different colors. They were still from the same candle mold. The two shrink wrap candles are the only candles I can think of that used that particular smooth mold.
  17. That is why I checked the part number on the Empire mold master list because I could not think of any candles that Empire made that would be smooth for the shrink wrap to fit over. Mel
  18. Thank you for posting the pictures of the candles, these are the first close up pictures of them that show the design that I have seen. They are so rarely seen that I had forgotten about them, like Ted I thought the flames looked like Empire but wasn't sure. I see from the Empire part number on the candle that the candle mold itself apparently was made specifically for that candle at the time as Empire calls it a "Candle with shrink sleeve" in their master list for their molds. They introduced your candle as new in 1990 with a catalog #1601 and called it a "Decorative Candle", in 1991 they
  19. I love your candles by the fireplace, do you know who made those? Could you post a close up picture of those so we can see some of the detail on them? Mel
  20. Charlie, I did not think you ask you if you made those. If there is a next time I will remember. Mel
  21. Those look to be the large Santa's Best Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I have occasionally seen replacement noses for them on eBay. Mel
  22. Could these pages be an insert to one of the GP catalogs? I noticed they both have "Bulletin GP 5901" on the bottom like it might be both sides of a single sheet. Mel
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