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    Been gradually adding lights to my Christmas display to wow all my neighbors at about 20,000 lights but this year it's time to jump to sound
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    computers, kids
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    so far I have about 20k lights, a blow up globe, nativity scene, and a santa ski lift. I've been leaning towards a candy cane type theme so far.
  1. Soldiers Silent Night was written by Father Ted Berndt Great song I always do to recognize all those brave men and women that are away from home for the holidays to protect our freedoms like these great displays on our Christian holiday. 3200 channels 128 LOR 6 Universes of DMX
  2. Christmas With a Capital "C" by Go Fish Go Fish is known for their great songs my kids love lots of their songs and this is always a fun one for Christmas. 3200 channels 128 LOR 6 Universes of DMX
  3. My 10 year old did this song on his own and already looking forward to what to do next year. Will it be Trans Siberian Orchestra or what next. Had 3200 channels to program. 128 LOR channels 6 Universes of DMX He did the faces, voices, arches, and pixel matrix all on his own.
  4. Christmas Shoes is a touching story and a song we've always loved, Nice melow song programmed for 3200 channels. 128 Light-O-Rama 6 Universes of DMX We put this one on our church this year.
  5. hmmm, finding even odder, here's what I've done so far 1) went in uninstalled and reinstalled and same thing 2) then uninstalled and installed older version, older version worked fine 3) then upgraded to the newer version and again files look blank in the editor works fine on my windows 7 system the other is Windows Vista SP2
  6. I just installed LOR Sequence Editer 2.9.4 and for some reason many of the sequences from lorsequences.com wont open correctly. When I open the sequence the time table appears blank but I can hold my mouse over things and it says everything is off but lists all the channels. Play the animation with it and in the process it plays fine but still shows no improvement and everythings blank.
  7. Well our first ever show using our new 48 channels of LOR went over well. It was a blast and the comments went on all night long. We had about 10 kids come thru on Saturday while we put up the final touches but looked alright for our first attempt at a show like this and quite a bit We had 4 animated characters the skeleton, witch, and Dr. Shivers singing in the band, and the butler greeting everyone at the walkway to a tunnel of bats behind the band. The hand made wolf was about the best prop we had, we took a spot light with a cheap security light setup to make it motion activated and when the kids walked by a light lit up the wolf and a wireless speaker made howling sounds. For the lights we put together a couple of orange and white arches and some neat lightning bolt type rods and cranked the music a little louder during the trick-or-treating but have to say the best prop was my wifes grandma, she put long gray hair and a hat while she sat still and periodically moved to scare unsuspecting teenagers. Check out the videos an pictures on our site but I haven't gotten really good at taking nice videos yet but it's a start. Also if any of you would vote for our display on the local papers website my kids would greatly appriciate it if they win dinner at their favorite place Golden Corral. Only have a couple days to vote so vote away please:) http://idahopress.upickem.net/engine/Details.aspx?contestid=22949&pagetype=VOTING&SubmissionID=5478553
  8. While this is my first year into the animated side, had Mr Christmas last year so doesn't count:) and every night as our Halloween display goes on and very little people drive by to see it but those who do say it's great and they love it. Then we had one of the neighbor kids from a family that's a little materilistic say to her daughter, "it's kinda tacky" which her daughter explained that meant things don't all match which the wife took a little hard at first. I just explained though that one number making a comment like that and I'm sure we'll get more about it being over the hill for Christmas means very little. The smiles and fun I see on all the kids as we leave those things you remember growing up too and hopefully great memories to all the neighbor kids. every night we have probably a dozen kids in our yard as the lights come on and they start dancing and having fun and smiling, including the daughter of the mom who said it was tacky:), how this is always the best display by far out weighs the lack of traffic or donations that I haven't started to get yet. [ATTACH=CONFIG]38683[/ATTACH]
  9. I got a new Gemmy Witch last year that doesn't allow to connect the audio to it or control the volume or anything. I'd like the actions and lights to keep going but shut off the voice, is there an easy way to disable the speaker on these things. Thanks
  10. It was sweet wife only paid $160 for all and the Merry Christmas alone was worth that. I can't wait to open the horse and carriage, it's huge and we are looking forward to setting them up.
  11. I use blow molds and animate them with LED light bulbs in them instead to conserve energy, the are equivalent to about 25watt bulbs for the cheaper ones and use about 1-3 watt of power.
  12. I'm sure we'll keep LOR in mind next year when we buy at least 2 more controllers and hopefully during their sale in april or whenever it is.
  13. Was looking for a Santa to put on the roof and when I sent the wife to look at one that I thought was perfect here's what great deals she came back with and made a killer deal for these items and none of them were even opened yet. We had been looking at makinig our own giant Merry Christmas sign but what a great deal now to figure out how to mount them on the roof or attach them to the house without drilling holes in my vinyl siding. [ATTACH=CONFIG]37293[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]37292[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]37291[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]37290[/ATTACH]
  14. Well good news is WOWLights was able to fix my Light-o-Rama controller and it's on it's way back and appears it was the Triac whatever that is. I just wish businesses would force their customer to pay shippinig to return defective products, they should be like companies like I work for who pay the shipping on defective parts but the service was descent but don't email them or it will take forever call them. Just always bothers me that customer service these days isn't that important to businesses because of companies like Wal-Mart, Amazon, and eBay who get a big fat zero on the service level scale at least WOW I'd give an 7 or so, better if email responses were less than the 2 days I seem to get, and then reaching a person was tough they take a message and call you back the next day.
  15. I've been playing with it, looks nice, wasn't planning on using my own voice but with a little playing I may be able to in only a few minutes.
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