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    Allentown PA area
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    I am a 47 year old Christmas enthusiast who loves bringing smiles to faces during the holiday season!
    I work at a local energy company as a Computer / Electrical engineer.
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    I love to fly and I am a member of a local flying club.
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    Keeping the lights on.
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    Just starting out with 32 channels and 10,000 lights.

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  1. Hi Just wanted your opinion on whether this is a good price for this Halloween blowmold collection offer locally on Craiglist? $100 for 6 pieces. Thanks!
  2. Hi Do you have any pics of the items you are selling and could you tell us the addresses? Thanks and good luck!
  3. airmaui

    2012 Display

    Great job and beautiful display. I was wondering how you were able to suspend the flying santa and reindeer?
  4. Hello, The laptop that drives my LOR-based show is located on the first floor of my house. I have a second laptop driving a projector on the second floor running the virtual santa video. Has anyone figured out a way to automatically turn on the Virtual Santa video each evening? Also, how do you loop a video on a dvd? Thanks so much for reading this and for your help.
  5. I wish you all of the best of luck with your cancer treatments. Write me back when you kick the cancer's butt !
  6. Hi , I was wondering if anyone has used the Leaping Arch Frame from Winterland as opposed to building their own frame? Thanks.
  7. Hello, I noticed christmaslightshow has sold out of spt1 wire for the season so I was wondering if anyone else knows who has the best price on spt-1? I did notice allied wire has it for $135 with $10 to ship. Thanks and good luck with your display this year!
  8. Hi That is beautiful. Could you take a picture of it in day lite so we could see how it is constructed? Thanks. Beautiful!
  9. Hi Would you happen to have the phone number you used? Thanks.
  10. Excellent system. I plan on using it this year.Thanks. Question for you in regards to the tree topper: What is the red tube and red bracket used for? Thanks again!
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