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  1. The red tube is PEX that I connected all the lights to. Then I zip tied it to my "truck". The other red stuff is is my winch. Here is my topper I made. It's cut from 1/2 in thick steel. I made the guy wire attachments so long, so my "truck" fits between the guy wires without touching them.

    Nice work! Thanks.

  2. So, I wanted to add a manger to my display. I didn't want to make it like all the rest. I started with finding what I wanted for a design. Then I got to work. Here is my disign. I used Plywood for the cut out and back. I used treated wood for the sides. Then I used shelving brackets for the light beams. I added rope light to the beams and sides.

    Hi That is beautiful. Could you take a picture of it in day lite so we could see how it is constructed? Thanks. Beautiful!

  3. Hi Would you happen to have the phone number you used? Thanks.

    I called GF to order a runner for the Santa sleigh I go that was cracked. The woman was so helpful I was surprised, since some the people on here have reported having issues. She even told me they have the light holders for the Blowmolds. But need to order them in September cause the stock goes quick.

  4. Hello,

    Looking to purchase a projector for VS and would appreciate some advise.

    Sometime ago a fellow member suggested a new projector that was available on eBay for about $120. I searched the forum but can't seem to find that recommendation. I know you can purchase one from Christmas Light Show but at 750 lumens it seems a bit weak. Does anyone know of a good (new) projector for under $150 and at least 1000 lumens? Thanks!

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