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  1. This is our 2017 Christmas light show. Facts are shown below. Thank you ever so much for stopping by my channel to appreciate the holiday spirit with myself and the rest of my family. Song: Little Drummer Boy Artist: Boney M. 2017 Light Show Facts Light Count: 12,948 Controllers: 1
  2. Post Source: 2014 Display. First Time Sharing.
  3. Hmmm that's a pretty good idear. So arches a and c would have the same animation and arches b and d would have the same animation but different than a and c? Haha actually this is all for next year. We decorated for the first time in 3 yrs this year. After doing it this year and finding this site it unleashed a monster lol. So now I'm just prepping for next year. haha yeah I dont think you can ever have enough extension cords for this hobby. Thank god for spt 1 and 2 though to help with some of the cost
  4. Hey guys fairly new to these forums, but so far my experience here learning has been tremendous. I Love seeing all the Christmas spirit as every year I get a little worried that it seems to be slowing dying. However, this site refills my assurance everytime I log on! When building the segmanted arches, just like my title asks, does each segmant get its own lor channel or does each arch get its own lor channel. so for example if i had 8 segments per arch, and a 16 channel lor controller I could run 2 arches per controller? Or would it be 16 arches per controller if it was 1 arch per channel
  5. Has anyone tried the lights from lawnlights.com??? They look like a nice simple quick alternative to this. I was thinking about getting them for next year. However I don't think its really the cheapest either.
  6. Great video!! Definitly helped me figure out how it was properly done. Already planning things for next year!!!
  7. Just doing some research on how to do these segmented arches and it wasn't really clear up until your video, thank your for posting that
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