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    Skrillex remix
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    Charleston SC
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    From New Jersey now living in South Carolina. Starting fresh this year with a new display.
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    Robotics, rock climbing, lasers, building rigs,Lighting,
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    Student (Electrical/Computer Engineering)
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    One fiber Optic North Pole sign, 10 wire frame white deer in diffrent positions....there is more i have to make a list before i put it up.
  1. Any displays up this year in NJ?
  2. Just started this week.

  3. Start working on your display yet?

  4. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40385[/ATTACH]Found this on my porch this morning
  5. Are any of the NJ Displays up yet? I like to see some of them.
  6. You might like to try listening to Midnight Syndicate. Same style of Halloween Music.
  7. Let us know how it goes. Im going to try to start working on mine in the next 2 weeks
  8. Im pretty sure you can have background show that can be triggerd. im trying to do the same thing for my house.
  9. How did the mini go? I unfortunately was not able to go due to work.
  10. I set the lights on the display to just flash once and a while random. It helps keep kids away also with the motion sensor lights help.
  11. I got this link from a email and I kinda find it funny.Make sure to read the caption underneath the picture What do you think? http://shorterandsweeter.blogspot.com/2009/12/greatest-christmas-decoration-ever.html
  12. It makes sense and should work, but I am not sure how well it would work. Plus I think the sound and lights of xmas can only handel 13 amps.
  13. The Liquid Fence works very well. I have to use it around the grill and mosquito magnet mostly because the squirrels loved to chew the lines that run to the propane tanks ugh. Put it down and everything is fine. Draw back is if you have dogs , they look for the invisible fox lol.
  14. i have 22 hours of work outside to finish. Bring on the Caffeine!
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