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    Independence, Oregon
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    34 years old, live in oregon with my wife, 19yr old stepdaughter and baby on the way (feb2010).
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    love to decorate for halloween and xmas, keep adding more and more every year. do a lot of fab work with metal, but more with wood lately.
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    Fabricator, engineer, jack of all trades
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    2008 GE L&S
    Maybe 2-3k lights, mostly twinkles
    C-7's around the roof
    custom made steel mini trees
    custom made light sculptures
    other misc. light displays
  1. beebani

    Anybody here ?

    Bump, is there anyone down south in my neck of the woods?
  2. I've done this to many of my extension cords and never had a problem with them fitting too loose. I started doing way back before I ever knew if it was ok or not...lol. Trial and error is the mother of invention.
  3. Planned on getting everything up this weekend, so I could have the next couple weeks to build more things that I have planned to go up, but mother nature and my wife decided to change my plans. Went and bought c9 led's to replace the incad. c7's I had around the roof, bought 5 strings, which is what I have with the incads. My daughter helped put those up today (she pooped out on me yesterday) and found I'm 1 string short which is weird cuz they're the same length as the incads. After shopping with the wife today for over half the day, I thought I was in the clear....then she pointed out that the yard was looking shaggy after I just mowed it last weekend....holding back the bad words at this point, I mowed. So, I wasn't able to get anything up and was extremely bummed. Tuesday is supposed to be clear and sunny, so hopefully I can do something after work. Sucks though as I leave when it's dark and come home when it's dark.
  4. Nice, mine in the 98th, he was just weighed at 33lbs. and 34" long. I get people asking me if he's 3 all the time..lol
  5. Wow, he's big like my boy!
  6. Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but this weekend my wife and I took my 20 month old son into Lowes to see the xmas lights (mostly for me) and as soon as we got in the door he bee lined for the xmas display shouting and going oooh and ahh and grabbing me to hurry up. I didn't have a job last xmas and didn't put up my display, so he didn't really get to see much last year (and he was too little I think to care). It was so awesome to see his reaction and we both just stood there in awe of all the GE color changing lights that were on display. I got the wife to ok the dripping icicles for another day as well as some LED's for the house. Great day, just thought I'd share, 'cause he's the reason this year will be better than ever at my house!
  7. I think part of the problem was that the projector was fairly close to the street (5 feet or so) and so it wasn't much for them to come up and grab it. When I put it out for xmas it's up near the house.
  8. well, my porch/garage lights were on until at least 1am when my daughter came home from work, and it's possible the light helped them...lol
  9. You can sync more than 1 using the others as drones basically, a member did a write up on here a couple years ago about it. I'm running 3) units this year synched. I know all too well about pushing these units too hard, my original unit which is a deluxe unit I blew 1 of the triacs on it 2 years ago by overloading it. I replaced the triac last spring, wasn't too hard.
  10. I'll never give up, just so aggravating! I'm already thinking about how to protect my xmas display. Lots of electrical tape and zip ties! Gonna add time to setup, but I'm not taking a chance on any of my Mr. Xmas's being jacked, that would ruin my display for sure. The thing that bothers me is they didn't vandalize anything which really makes me believe it was somebody that knew what they wanted and planned it out.
  11. So I wasn't able to put up halloween or xmas displays last year due to unemployment, so this year I wanted to come back stronger. I've always used my Mr. Xmas projector in my xmas display only, but this year decided to use it for halloween also. Last night I'm out getting something from the car and noticed my recently added pumpkin pail totem pole wasn't lit as well as a few strands of lights by the street. I figure someone tripped in the yard and pulled em loose, so I follow the cords to an unplugged end and notice there's another connection missing. I look over and notice my projector is gone....gone...oh man. I said some many choice words and went in the house to tell the wife. She was very unhappy as well, this was her favorite part of the xmas display. What is wrong with people? This really just makes me want to tear it all down. I don't see these things in the stores anymore and I really don't have the money to replace it right now anyway. Thanks for listening.
  12. Yes, I have many mini trees of various sizes from 1ft. to 3ft. tall, they all have at least 2) colors if not more. I put all like colors on 1) channel and the other color on another. It's just a matter of playing with the channels to find the sweet spot.
  13. I don't see why it wouldn't be possible. The only problem with the Mr. xmas is you have really no control over the timing of the lights, it's all based on the song. I'm probably one of the few on here still using one, but I just haven't been able to afford to make the leap to LOR yet. I'll be running 3 of these units linked this year to controll all my lights. 2 years ago I ran with 2 and had over 11k mini lights and it turned out pretty well.
  14. HF has a nice little benchtop roller, I bought one a couple years ago for making mini trees and it works great. It usually sells for $60, but you can coupon/sale it down to $20 like I did. 1/4" rod is about it's max, and it will do flat stock as well.
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