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  1. Wow! Those turned out great! You did a great job and they all have so much detail in them. That is something to be proud of!
  2. I am so sorry to hear that! I'm glad your surgery was sucessful and you still have your sight. I hope you have a speedy recovery!
  3. Thank you Philip for all your hard work I got my list this morning.
  4. Consider him added to my list. Bob, by no means is this a favor, it's a gift from my family to yours,Merry Christmas!
  5. I have my lights put up around my mobile home. I dug out all my blowmolds lastnight to get them ready to be put out this weekend. I have to replace a few bulbs and a couple of cords yet. I'm planning on putting the rest of my lights up this week if the rain moves out of here. I'm hoping to have everything in place and lights turned on Thanksgiving night.
  6. Wow, great job! You did such a nice job painting. If I ever get time to work on cut outs for next years display I hope they turn out half as good as yours..very nice
  7. You did a great job on him,very nice!
  8. So when will we be getting our list? No hurry Philip, I'm just excited to actually have people to send cards to this year lol :giggle:.
  9. I started to put up lights around my place today. It was in the 70's (or close to it) today and sunny,so I couldn't have picked a better day to do it. I was going to start next weekend on my lights, but there are chances of rain and I'd never get in to do it if it does rain(my yard turns into a lake when it rains). Blowmolds and other decorations won't go out until the weekend before thanksgiving. I'll turn everything on Thanksgiving night probably.
  10. David, I wish I had saw your post about anyone near the one in Effingham,IL. I work in Effingham and have been there probably 15 times in the last 2 weeks. They do have a good selection of christmas stuff this year don't they. I cant wait till the end of the week when I'll have some extra cash to go in there and do a little shopping.
  11. ec2009

    In an instant.

    Wow, glad you are ok. Sorry about your truck, but like someone else said, it can be replaced. I work for a towing company here in Illinois, and you'd be surprised by the accidents we see when people do stupid things. But anyway, it will all work out in the end. Hang up some more lights
  12. Wow, Great find! I picked up some good blowmolds over the weekend too, but not near as good as the ones you have.
  13. You have a nice collection there. Those molds look great!
  14. Great finds! I wish I could come across a sale or two like that.
  15. That looks really nice. Good job!
  16. ec2009

    Auction find.

    Wow, you got yourself some deals there! Congrats!
  17. Thanks Everyone. Brandon, I would love to have you come by this season.
  18. Hello all! I'm Elyse from Edgewood,IL..25 miles south of Effingham,IL where interstates 57 and 70 come together. I have read this forum for about 2 months now and decided I needed to join. I've recently discovered blow molds (and yes, everyone is right when they say you start out with 1 and end up with 100,LOL) and would like to start working on some wooded displays. I'm sure I can learn alot from everyone of you.
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