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  1. Thanks for the kind words. The staging is born of necessity; our yard slopes severely from the street to our porch so you can’t just set things to display on the ground; the “stages” let us bring them to more eye level and give you something flat and sturdy to mount the molds to (they are actually bracketed to the OSB). The backgrounds – about half of them are shower curtains of all things; the others are fabric photography back drops. You can find a limited selection of the latter that are machine washable (which means they are outdoor ready) but most are made of a stiff plastic that isn’
  2. Some new things added to the display; these are twilight shots; I need to retake after dark but this way you get to see all the wires and tags and other "behind the scenes" things that you would miss in the dark.
  3. I phased out the X10 plugs i used to use with all smart plugs as of last year. I have two different brands so I use two different apps to control them but they are very similar in programming and use. The apps also have a dusk/dawn feature that automatically adjusts to your location and time of year which is very handy. I've had only two plugs fail and both of those were my fault. The first one was overloaded and eventually quit working. The second one was used with a covered porch but got blowing rain on it and ruined it. I use regular smart plugs (indoor) for my indoor stuff a
  4. In north Alabama, we don't get heavy snow very often but we do get wind. My display is mostly blow molds but I do have a couple of Disney inflatables on my deck. I only run my fans when the display is on and the biggest PITA for me was the inflatable not getting upright correctly when the fan switched on or getting tangled and having to go out and straighten the thing up. What I did for a fix was I mounted a vertical 2x2 behind each inflatable and I used extra ropes and set it up such that when the fan cuts off, the 2x2 keeps the deflated inflatable fairly upright. Then when the fan co
  5. Thanks for the kind words TED. Since my yard elevation forces me to use the "stages" i try to group the molds in each one by theme. This year i added the backgrounds to hopefully give them more of a "Christmas card" vibe. Man, Scott you have an awesome display. Very jealous.
  6. Thanks; I'm jealous of the green bow version. One fun thing about molds is the variation of a theme...each company has their own version(s) of santa, snowmen, lanterns, candles, etc. I have a couple of more versions of candles and lanterns indoors. Beco and Poloron in general are my favorite molds. I like Beco since they have a very different look to them then any of the other manufacturers...they are definitely the most "vintage" in vibe. Poloron's i love because the first mold I ever bought as a kid was a Poloron santa...and the Sear's catalog featured mostly Poloron stuff so that w
  7. Yeah that door cover was pretty popular in it's day. I got mine from Ebay a few years ago...it had been used at least once prior (because it had already been cut out for the door knob) and I've used it for six or seven christmas's since. If you search on ebay for "door panel" or "poster" in the holiday categories, you'll see a good deal of different ones. it is not made of plastic but of a very heavy paper (think something that is about as thick as 5 or 6 layers of butcher paper); almost a card stock; the sear's catalog calls it "fiber paper". I have another old one that is slightly
  8. Thanks; yeah i like the lanterns also; I've seen two other versions of them in catalogs, a "peace on earth" version and a "happy new year" but I've never seen either of them in the "wild" that is the original snowman and shovel; it was a lucky find last year. The shovel only has a small crack in it; it even came with the original box and i got a great price on it (shipping was actually the expensive part but that's common on big blow molds)
  9. Here's some photos of this year's display; I added a couple of new stages and updated others with backgrounds. Also have a vintage Sear's nativity cutout display added. The challenge in my lot is that the yard is sloped sharply towards the house...so if you simply put things on the ground directly, they won't be visible from the street. So I make "stages" to elevate and level the individual displays to counteract the slope. Thanks for reading! Michael
  10. Can any glow mold collectors tell me if I can change my 7watt candelabra base bulb  to a LED type bulb in my blow molds? I’m new to blow molds...if so..what kind of bulb will work..thanks

    1. Doneal


      I have changed all of my Blow Molds over to LED. 1st make sure you know the "base" size C7 is normally e-12  (I will attach a chart) the "C7" Normally is the bulb size/shape. 2nd There is Basically two light types in Blow Molds e12 c7 and med base (regular house light bulb type)  Both types can be changed over to LED. In most cases all you have to do is screw out the incandescent and screw in the LED. On some of my Blow Molds the Lamp Base (med house type) had a Plastic collar that wouldn't let the LED bulb screw all the way down. So I carefully cut off about 1/4 inch of this collar and now works great. When selecting the LED bulbs they can be confusing. Once all we had to know was that a 100 watt bulb was brighter than a 40 watt bulb. Well LEDs don't quite work that way. They use "K" to determine the Brightness ( I will attach a file)  I found that in a Blow Mold that is Dark/allot of collar that the 5000 - 6500 K range works the best, the Clear/white Blow Molds use a lower K. It's really all about preference and you may have to try different ones to find out which one works best for you. Hope this helps  

      bulb type and shapes.JPG

      Color Temperature.docx

  11. yes it is an aluminum tree; its similar to the one we had when i was a kid (ours was only a 6' but this one is 7'). i also have a vintage color wheel but i took it offline this year (the motor is going out on it and it uses a huge spotlight bulb (hot!) that i don't like to leave unattended) and replaced it with an LED multicolor bulb that does a color fade that nails the color wheel effect. You can't see it in the picture but i replaced the tree's stand with a poloron tin litho stand. These trees are a pain to decorate; the branches don't stay in the trunk very well and they don't suppor
  12. Cardboard fireplaces just scream "60s/70s" don't they? This one was made by toymaster; and it does have the "flicker" feature described above. I purchased it on ebay a few years ago. I originally wanted to get the model that also has the cardboard chimney but then i wouldn't have the place to display the centerpieces.
  13. Here's some of my Vintage/Disney stuff on display this year
  14. Here's my Lemax/Dept 56 village for 2017: Here's my Walt Disney World setup for 2017 Not a village but my Rudolph display for 2017
  15. thanks...i guess i must have set it to auto-off accidentally
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