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    I was bitten by the light bug about 3 years ago. I am an IT manager by day and a musician by night. I jokingly tell people that I do computers to support my music and light habit.
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    Music, Computers, Christmas and more
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    IT Manager
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    I started with 48 channels and have grown to 112 channels as of 2008. We have 28,000 lights, and the display and music changes every year.

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  1. sasmuse

    2012 Display

    Nicely done. I especially like the "Inn" in your nativity scene.
  2. The penguin car and the angel choir are my favorites.
  3. Hello, We were throwing around ideas for next year's display, and my hubby remembered there was a person who sequenced his deciduous trees (non-evergreen trees) to simulate clapping. The person had 4 trees on the edge of his property that "clapped". Does anyone remember who that was? I'd like to watch the video again to see how it was done, how many segments, etc. I've done a search on "clapping trees", "clapping christmas lights"...but haven't come up with anything. Please let me know if you know where I can find what I'm looking for. Thanks, Sally
  4. Hello, I just wanted to wish my Planet Christmas family a very Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thank you for sharing your expertise with me. I truly couldn't do it without you. May your day be filled with unexpected blessings as well as the best dinner you've ever had!!!! Gobble, gobble, Sally and Roger Simpson
  5. Here is a link to a some test video I shot of the face. Glad I did. (thx for the suggestion BroLarry) Saw some modifications I need to make. Enjoy! TestFace-Take1 http://youtu.be/LWtqDS6v97A
  6. Hi, My first coroplast project for this year's light show. I call it a "maggie" tree in honor of my niece, Maggie, who helped with the design. There will be four trees in total, and they will be "singing" a few holiday favorites. A special thanks to everyone who inspired and advised me through this process including Brian Mitchell (you'll notice the slight resemblance to Bernard), Chuck Note and Adam Cangiani (coroplast experts), George Simmons and Cracker's singing pumpkins. Each face takes 8 channels: open eyes/closed eyes/top lip/mid lip/bottom lip/oh shape/ah shape/tree outline. Pics
  7. Your tree is so much better than my many attempts. I was hoping to keep my project a secret too to add to the "wow" factor, but...I had to get help, and I'm glad I did. Asking for help had many added benefits: 1.)the show benefits from top-notch art talent; 2.)others enjoy helping with the project; and 3.) I learn (again) that asking for help isn't all that bad. I can recommend a good sketch artist to you if you want. :-) Can't wait to see your creation!
  8. Hello! Just wanted to give kudos to my niece. OMGosh...she is amazing! She took my poorly drawn idea for a singing christmas tree and created what will forever be in known in my christmas display as "the Maggie Trees"!!! The "maggie trees" will be series of 4 singing christmas trees each measuring 4'x4' done with mini-lights on coro! Can't wait to get started on them. Will post pics when the first one is done! Sally
  9. Thanks Randy! This is really helpful, and I appreciate you sharing the website link.
  10. Thanks this is very helpful! Sally
  11. Hello, I'm working on my very first coro project. I'm making singing christmas trees. Was wondering how close together to position the lights? .5 inch? 1 inch? what have others done? The trees will be 48x48 inches. Thanks, Sally
  12. Hi Joe, Welcome the a fun addiction! It can be fun and maddening all at the same time. While I've only been doing this for 5 years I'd like to offer some suggestions. The mantra "go big or go home" is a great soundbite, and you have gone big in your static display. However, in regards to the animation, why not reframe the "go big" to mean that whatever animation you do will be done well (the "big" would be the attention to detail in the programming). Some practical ideas, start with what you have and grow from there. Decide what you'd like to animate and then use the rest of the static d
  13. Sometimes we do one and some years we select two. If doing just one charity, we try to keep it local as a service to the community. If we are doing two, then one is local and the other can be anything. This year we collected for a local homeless advocacy organization that does job training and a horse rescue in NY that my daughter volunteers for. We split the money equally. I have found that as word got out that we collect for a charity, charities have come and found me. There are so many. I agree with the last poster, pick one that resonates with you and is a good steward of their funds.
  14. I'm going and my ever patient and loving hubby is coming too. Looking forward to the LOR immersion class as well. This is my first PLUS. Can't wait to put 3-D faces with names! Sally and Roger
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