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  1. I understand how you feel. My dog is 17 now and I worry a lot about the day that probably isn't too far away when it will be his time to leave this life and move on. As of the moment, he's still happy and relatively healthy, although he is not nearly as healthy as he used to be. He has mini doggy-seizure type episodes and sometimes won't eat. We just ended up with a kitten, and while I've gotten attached to the kitten and have decided to keep her, I am worried about her making him feel "replaced". My dog is a very sensitive guy and very attached to and affectionate with his family. The last thing I want is for him to feel sad and lose his will to keep going because I know deep down that the only thing that keeps him going is his strong desire to be with his family. My dog has been with me for the vast majority of my life as I was quite young when we got him (I must have been 9). When the day comes that he leaves, I am probably going to have a hard time dealing with it as it will be like losing a sibling or at least a best friend. I know, and I'm sure that you know, that what's really important is that they have a good life while they're alive and enjoy every moment with their family. It's tough though to lose a pet. I don't know if pets go to heaven... but I like to think that they do. They're like family members.... just much smaller and more furry.
  2. Unfortunately, for me it wasn't quite as minor. I got hit too last night.
  3. do you have a meter with a peak hold function? If so, let it test the voltage for a while and see how high it goes. Oh, also you might try plugging something in that resets if the power goes out, like a simple digital light timer. Maybe something is loose somewhere and the constant feed-stop-feed etc. is causing a problem. Edit - BrightChristmas beat me to it.
  4. I was in Target to get some light-weight dumbells (doc says I can't go heavy for at least a month while my back heals). Anyways, I checked... nada. So I asked the manager to check the other stores. They all showed up as 0 in the immediate area. I asked for her to have the regional manager call me. We'll see where that leads. I'm going to try to coerce/scare them into finding boxes by threatening to eat a fruitcake for every box of lights that they don't find. I actually like fruitcake - they don't know that though.
  5. well fine then... do it Ken's way... *pouts* just teasing. Whatever you think will work best is what you should do. You're right in that I don't know these guys. You're definitely in a better position to be a judge of the appropriate action to take.
  6. I have probably 40 sets of these, but they're all up in the display right now. (actually probably 4 of them are the 110 light sets from last year). I will bring a used box from one of them with me to Target and find out if any local stores have them and put them on hold for you. I don't think that I'm going to find any though. I myself had to go scouting just to get enough for the display because they discontinued shipments of this item early in the season (nearly 2 weeks ago). I think I bought the very last one.... I will check anyways... it can't hurt. They're nice aren't they? If nothing else, I'd expect them to be back next year. They seemed to sell well last year and this year.
  7. Fair enough. Bear in mind I didn't post that letter with the intent that he use it verbatim or anything of the sort. It was just an example of how he might in a letter address the various issues at hand. A personal touch would certainly be a plus and if he can come up with even more friendly wording - that would be a plus too. Mentioning the statutes was really just meant to be a reality check. He doesn't need to quote them, or even mention how they are codified.... but I do think that his neighbor should be made to understand that threats of physical harm are not to be taken lightly. The letter was drafted in about a minute as I was at work still waking up - so don't expect too much from it.
  8. Would you be so kind as to get it analyzed for color specs while at Rocky's so we can all have some made up for ourselves? Obviously, we wouldn't be able to get the exact same paint.... but something close would be great for the 6 Empire blowmolds I have and the countless others PC members have.
  9. Oh yeah.... forgot to mention. I am not a lawyer... nothing I have posted constitutes legal advice nor is it to be relied upon as such.
  10. I would send the following via certified mail (so you get a receipt).
  11. "Well here we are on Christmas Day the pinnacle of all of our hard work and what do I feel? Not joy or glee, but kind of a emptiness and sadness." I'm in the same position. My jerk of a younger brother managed to ruin Christmas Eve and Christmas for me by being his normal nasty self. You would think at his age in his mid 20's, he would at least be enough of an adult to realize that those are the two days that I look forward to all year - and try to let me enjoy them but no... that's WAY too much to ask of him.
  12. eek! I'm too scared to do that in the off chance that something bad happens. Plus.... I don't have any extension cords left! lol. I had to buy at least $400 more in extension cords this year. I finally gave in and got a bunch of 10 guage cords. I'm fortunately only using a few 16 or 14 guage cords this year. I'm probably going to sell all of my 16 guage cords in colors either than green in February up in Orlando at the Ham radio convention. that's good that you didn't get rained out. This year, instead of NBC broadcasting live from the house, they sent somebody out late last night to get footage of the lights in the dark, and interview me. I preferred it this way to be honest as I felt less pressure since it wasn't live. It worked out even better because had they done it live, it was sprinkling at that point. It was around 9:30 I guess that it actually rained enough to trigger the GFI circuit. I didn't really try to get any media attention this year, so probably CBS, etc. don't even know about the display. I'm just relying on the "if you build it, they will come" philosophy.
  13. Hey. Just wanted to let you know I'm done if you are interested in seeing it. www.azillionlights.com is the easiest way to get directions. :-) (on the site under Directions).

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