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    family man that is always staying busy
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    making projects and working in the garden during the summer and looking forward to the hollday
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    it is small this year because i am starting all over but hope to have it some what large buy next year if not this year.

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  1. thanks for the input what ive seen looks good so i will try it
  2. I am thinking of doing a two colar arch alternating red and green led c6 has anyone done an arch like this or seen one need feed back . thanks
  3. being trying tto find out myself if i find out i will shoot u a line
  4. Moved into a new house last month so i have to redesign my show. But i have a line of small srubs to make chase.
  5. i would love to take it call me at 523-1967 or 382-4573 just give me a call

  6. Hey - Just now got my lights off if it and have set it in back of my house. You're welcome to come and pick it up if you want. If not... it's going to Salvation Army or I'm offering it up to anyone on PC that will come and pick it up. If you're still interested, let me know and I'll give you my address. I'd just like it to be gone as soon as possible. I'm about to put my house up on the market and am cleaning out the clutter. John

  7. jasonnlexky


    Where can you find mini lights and leds off season with all the retailer running out didnt have time to stock up for this year.:santasmileyitty:
  8. wallmart might have them last year they didnt because on the economy but they might carry them this year or even on there online store. I have been looking for them to so if i find any i will drop you a line.
  9. Right now they are on clearance where hunting season is over i bought one but never thought to use it for that reason good idea,
  10. been looking if anyone has one they want to sell or knows where to find one please let me know
  11. I am wanting to find one to make sing to my music in my display.
  12. do you still have that wreath?

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