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  1. Yeah that is one you have to wonder what the person was thinking....someone with too much time on their hands...
  2. I believe Garden Ridge which we have locally might have something that would work for your candy cane...they have a ton of xmas stuff...almost 80 percent of store during xmas and I remember seeing some different style candy canes similar to that...I bet one of them would work.
  3. My mistake I should have included both UPS and your mail carrier... Yeah I guess curiosity would be natural for the mail carriers when they have certain houses always getting packages and others that never do....
  4. The real question is do you tip your UPS guy well at Christmas with all the stops he has at your place...
  5. I've got the turkey I need to put out in my big picture window....nice display
  6. Yeah it seems that one was just shipped with the cutout still intact...because there is no reason they would leave the cutout intact like that...Mel how wide is that cutout..just wondered what the size of the opening was....wanted to compare the opening to mine to see if its consistent with the other candy pails ...
  7. Very cool to see all those retro banks...
  8. Mel, You can forward my email to Kev..I'd be happy to help out with pictures of my stuff you don't have on blow-molded.com...plus I got a lot of new stuff in last two years.
  9. Hey love the Cat in the Pumpkin..not the larger common one...the two you have on each side...I've seen that one once or twice...who was the maker on that one...? Great Display...great selection of blowmolds and arrangement...I wish I trusted my neighborhood to do something outside but sadly I don't...while I don't have a lot of issues on my street..overall my area is known for thefts and just stupidity...I could see me chocking the crap out of some kid for trying to do something stupid... I do have a about a 25ft blow up Frankenstein that has almost caused a few accidents by cars slowing
  10. I'm going to do the same thing this year...we get a lot of trick or treaters all at once it seems so will be better than running in and out of door to get more...this way I can fill that sucker up and just grab a handful for each..
  11. That is unbelievable...love the lighting and the way you used it...
  12. Purchased one of those larger Target Pumpkin Pails for one of my son's Daycare Teachers as gift...she also occasionally babysits for us too...been watching our son since he was a baby...and he is almost three now... Way back when I was a kid you would see certain blowmolds converted in cool looking candy and gift baskets...Never seem to see them in stores anymore...so I made my own...put a few things inside...
  13. Interesting...pulled this info up real quick about the company...seems they did a bunch of games with some plastic products..like most long since out of business. Playtoy Industries was a Canada-based toy company created in 1985 in Toronto, Ontario, by Donald Griffin. In 1997, it moved toConcord, Ontario. They were in bankruptcy in 2001. The company distributed a range of games in Canada for the Sega Genesis. Playtoy both developed its own games, and licenced from other. Most often they licenced from Pressman Toy Corporation. Playtoy Industries would then translate the product into French
  14. Those Haunted Halloween Houses are awesome..if you decide to sell one or both I'd take them..been trying to find some local with no luck..
  15. There are lots of cool looking inflatable but man we get some serious wind and storms at times in my area and even when you do everything to stake those suckers down last year I chased my huge snowman in the ball down the street....it was not cool...got a slight tear that I was able to repair but I was ready to just toss that thing away...my 3 year old loves it though so I guess I'll be putting it up again this year..
  16. I loaded some pictures last night and there weren't any issues...I just tried right now to test and there does seem to be an issue...perhaps there is some maintenance being done on the site...hopefully its just temporary. FYI I didn't get that error message that you got...I just an icon instead of the picture I attempted to download as if there was no image for it to display..
  17. Yeah I was wondering that myself...I remember as a kid seeing the bar codes though so I think they have been around a bit more than I realized...but I'm thinking this might be 80's..as opposed to early 70's.
  18. Thanks for the catalog pictures Mel...guess I have to track down the snowman that is also listed as "Jolly"
  19. Yep..the orange ones debuted last year as Target Exclusive and this year that added the black and green version...Last year it seemed each Target only stocked a few so since they were so big so they were not easy to track down..and maybe they were seeing how well they sold..but this year..at least at around 6-7 targets in my area they seemed to stock a lot more than last year... I agree on several of your points...the quality is top notch..super thick and nice paint quality..and the 6 bucks is truly the best deal on that size of a pumpkin I've seen...its definitely a keeper and something t
  20. I recall that auction Mel....funny I was thinking I wonder if Mel was the one who purchased that pail...it was interesting that the top was still intact even though it was cut out...
  21. Yeah that is fairly common...there are so many ebayers that know either no nothing about what they are selling or actually think there are people that stupid...lets see buy something for a buck..then try to pass it off as vintage for 9.99 on ebay...don't forget the marked up shipping too..
  22. Thanks...its nice to indulge in the xmas blow molds as I don't seem to be having much luck the last few years at all my thrift stores, goodwill, and local antique shops when it comes to halloween pails and blow molds...the few I see are usually at the antique shops and those idiots mark common ones way up to prices that they will never sell at...even if they were cheap they are so common I wouldn't likely buy them..have too many duplicates now.....been a while since I scored anything so I was happy when I saw this little guy sitting there ....I swear he said "Buy Me" so I did.
  23. Call me crazy but doesn't that black pail look like Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz....
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