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    Absolutely love Christmas!! Consumes 90% of my thoughts from September until the night that we light. Actually I think of it constantly all year long.
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    Christmas!!!!!! Christmas!!!!! More CHRISTMAS!!!!!
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    Huge display!! We have a three car garage with the 2 car stall being an animated character display that looks like a store front window that you can look into. Single stall is a Christmas village. Thousands of lights with Santa on weekends and two Christmas bear costumes to great people on weekends. We have about 15 inflatables. Just got finished making and painting the figures from Candyland. Painted lots of peppermints and candies to go in my own Candyland this year. Just getting ready to cut out and paint large Sesame Street characters ice skating. I am going to make an ice skating rink in my yard and have the characters look like they are ice skating. We also have a nice Whoville section. My mind keeps spinning and coming up with ideas. I absolutely love this time of year.
  1. I am excited to start working on our display but at the same time it does worry me every year with the financial strain it puts on us. Once we have it up we are always so happy that we did it. It is so rewarding just to see the smiles on peoples faces and how happy the children that come to see it are. Every year I think about not doing it but then remember the happiness it brings us and everyone else.
  2. Why don't you just get a Grinch coloring book and trace the picture onto plastic projector sheets (if you want to save money I use plastic sheet covers for in a ring binder). Then you just put the image on your plywood with the projector and trace it onto the wood and paint it. Cheapest way to do nice plywood figures without buying patterns. This really works great and saves money. I hope this idea helped I have been doing my cutouts like this for the past few years.
  3. Hi Everyone I just thought that I would let anyone who is interested know that I have listed two Santa's Best animated Goofy characters on Ebay. Items are in great condition. I am just forced to start parting with some of my Christmas items do to husband not having much work. Will be listing more this weekend. Any questions let me know. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290463603423&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT [ATTACH=CONFIG]36143[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]36144[/ATTACH]
  4. I love having company. People can stay over or just drop in unannounced to visit. It doesn't make a difference to us we love to have people at our house. Our door is always open for visitors. If they stay up late, get up early, make a mess, whatever it doesn't make a difference to me I can deal with pretty much anything even if it someone I do not like much. My parents home has always been inviting and a great place to get together or stay so I think that is where we get it from. Love Having Visitors!!!!
  5. I have Santa ready and waiting to take pictures with the kids when they come thru. He is going to hand out candy canes and children's Christmas books this year. I can hardly stand it only a few more days before we light up.
  6. I found this beautiful sleigh listed on Craigslist. This is going to be a great addition to our holiday display. It is much larger than I had imagined and is going to be a huge hit. So much fun hauling it home and watching people's faces when they seen what we were hauling. The couple we purchased it from are going to quit doing lights this year because it is just to hard for them now. They had been doing them for along time and needed to retire. So sad to see the look on his face he just sat on the trailer and said he was going with his sleigh. I assured him that it was going to a great new home and we would carry on their tradition. I will have to send pics to them once I have it decorated and finish the rest of my display. Just thought other Christmas lovers would love to see this awesome sleigh. Merry Christmas!!:santasmileyitty:
  7. Your cat is adorable!! Looks so cute in there!!
  8. I couldn't see where you are from but the Menards in Elk River, MN has one for sale for I think $39.99. Just thought I would let you know.
  9. Thanks for the great info. We have been wondering what we should buy so that our stuff is not stolen. Going to buy one this weekend. The last time they tried to steal our decorations I was 8 months pregnant and had to chase them on foot. LOL
  10. The first thing I thought of when we moved was is this property going to be big enough for my display. Luckily we have the biggest lot in town and should not run out of space anytime soon. I laughed so hard when I read that one. When you love Christmas and have a big display the size of the house and yard definatly come into play when moving.
  11. I absolutely love them all. Now I have to decide what to get new for this year.
  12. I am going to go and get one myself. I love inflatables and this one is so cute. You got such a good deal on it. We have about 15 inflatables and are always looking to add more.
  13. Congratulations!! We are picking up 40 more blow molds to add to our collection on Wednesday. It is nice when you can buy a bunch from someone that is selling them all at the same time. Even when they are beaten up a little bit they still look good in your yard.
  14. We have arches over our driveway. I believe there are about 30 of them. We used the plain cheap pvc and this is our 3rd year using them and we have not had a problem. We used 3 - 10ft pieces in each section so that cars could drive under them. Have not had any problems with them and we are making about 20 more this year.
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