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    Absolutely love Christmas!! Consumes 90% of my thoughts from September until the night that we light. Actually I think of it constantly all year long.
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    Christmas!!!!!! Christmas!!!!! More CHRISTMAS!!!!!
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    Huge display!! We have a three car garage with the 2 car stall being an animated character display that looks like a store front window that you can look into. Single stall is a Christmas village. Thousands of lights with Santa on weekends and two Christmas bear costumes to great people on weekends. We have about 15 inflatables. Just got finished making and painting the figures from Candyland. Painted lots of peppermints and candies to go in my own Candyland this year. Just getting ready to cut out and paint large Sesame Street characters ice skating. I am going to make an ice skating rink in my yard and have the characters look like they are ice skating. We also have a nice Whoville section. My mind keeps spinning and coming up with ideas. I absolutely love this time of year.

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