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  1. I actually think that Target has very reasonable prices for LED's and unfortunately for those of you that enjoy the incandescents they are quickly becoming a thing of the past...
  2. Nothing better than a Christmas themed Halloween display!
  3. H2Opolo15

    Lots to Learn

    You learn as you go. Simples as that! It's a great hobby to get into and you're display will grow as your knowledge grows!
  4. I am yet to receive 10 sets of red icicles... Has anyone else received their icicles? Because I am starting to get slightly uneasy...
  5. Ha! Personally I enjoy being "That guy" Unfortunately I did not get up on the roof this weekend. But I did work on the lights all weekend zip-tying them together.
  6. Light-O-Rama! You can't go wrong! By the PC kits and they are cheaper with little assembly required and no soldering. It's the best quality for the price. 90% of people here use it and you will be hard pressed to find someone unhappy with them.
  7. Here are 3 links to cool white, warm white, and multi color twig trees off Target.com...
  8. That's strange because these "twig trees" are out and in full force already this year at my Target. I actually have some as well and really like them, they are not too overwhelming yet add a little something to someplace you need some lights.
  9. Personally I ordered from LED Holiday Lighting. Most other's on this thread did too
  10. Thanks guys! Haha Joe, as of right now I don't have any mid-terms. So I'm going to jump on the opportunity and do some hard core sequencing. Although this weekend is homecoming too so I might not get as much as I wanted done lol
  11. Ha! I'm pretty sure Planet Christmas was the first to tell me Happy Birthday today! Thanks Chuck! Hope everyone is starting their Halloween displays (those that have them) I on the other hand need to get goin on my sequencing!
  12. Uh.... Anyone heard anything about their icicle lights? Anyone get them?
  13. Haha, I think it's great! It's because of people like us that they bring that stuff out so early! I love seeing it! It's really gets me in the mood! Target is nearly in full swing already with their lights and you can count on most of their Christmas stuff being out November 1! They already have the lights out!! What's better!?
  14. Eh, I'm not going to lie. I'm not a HUGE fan of the song. Altho my brother and I do find it fun to sing along to. But yes, it is a feeble attempt at "tugging your heartstrings" haha But I'm with you all and I can listen to Christmas music all year long! In fact I have been!
  15. H2Opolo15

    TSO Concert!

    I'm going on November 11 at the Huntington Center here in Toledo! Who else is going? I'm real excited for this!
  16. Good luck! I also have an EDM transmitter but mine doesn't go very far... I toned it down
  17. For those of you waiting for icicles as I am, I talked to their help desk and the icicles are due to "go out" within the week. So keep an eye out! It's getting closer... crap! I don't have near enough done to be ready!
  18. For those of you still waiting on icicles they are due to "go out" within the week!
  19. Well, the time is nearly upon us! AND I'M NOT CLOSE TO FINISHED! I still have to sequence 6 songs with 32 channels. And string all 20,000 lights, and zip tie them all together! Am I the only one freaking out? Because I think the "Christmas Countdown Begins" banner freaked me out!
  20. Matt. I really like your avatar pic! It's awesome! Hi Scott! I am also a light addict but also a college student, so I haven't had much time for lights so far this year. But here's to hoping I can finish 6 more songs by November 25! More people tell me I'm obsessed, I actually haven't been called an addict yet. I really don't care, I just love lights!
  21. I just used a program called "listen to youtube" and it downloads any youtube file into an mp3
  22. I'm not too experienced in this sort of stuff. But depending on how long you were keeping them all on at the same time you should be able to have as many as you want? But you can only connect so many strands, so that would be your only limitation I think? I'm not sure. Someone correct me if I'm wrong...
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