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  1. I will not be starting stringing until October 10th when I go home for fall break. I am extremely anxious though! I also am not doing a Halloween display so I still have some time...
  2. Does anyone have the mp3 of this song? I can't find it anywhere but youtube... If you do, please PM me and I'll give you my e-mial. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  3. That's very interesting. Hopefully I'll get to see it again! haha And actually, today will never be tomorrow so can we actually get to tomorrows yesterday which would essentially be today if you think about it?
  4. Oh for sure! I was very pleased with the customer service. He was slightly behind schedule but that's alright considering it was so many large orders. I just don't have my icicle lights yet, but those aren't supposed to come until September.
  5. Sorry Tim! Yes I did receive mine from LED Holiday Lighting!
  6. Well today at work I received a text from my little brother exclaiming my lights had come. As soon as 6 pm rolled around I quickly packed up and left and sped home on my bike (yes I ride my bike to work!) and there they were... 6, 28.8 pound boxes describing what color lights were inside them! I felt like a child on Christmas morning as I ripped them open and quickly took as many as possible out of the box and quickly organized them into 3 neat piles in order to make sure they all had arrived. They did! This has gotten me so excited for this year! I've never had this many lights!! 55 Pure W
  7. I started in... about April! haha Oh, and I got my lights today from LED Holiday Lighting!!!
  8. Yeah, I heard that keeping them on the ground isn't the best idea. Especially in cold weather climates where you get ice. They freeze to the ground, this also creates an easier opportunity for the ground water/rain/snow to seep in. Try and find a way to maybe zip tie, or mount them onto a board or stake or something. Living in Pittsburgh you probably get a decent amount of snow and ice, so try and either find a board or a stake and go to work. Personally I put a few 3 inch nails into a 2x6 making a shelf of sorts and laid it against my wall outside, and then for added safety I got just a s
  9. Or instead of doing the "from selection" you can do the "visible screen" option. I have found that this works best for me.
  10. Haha I'm sure most will! What's done is done. Let is be in the past.
  11. It sounds like a great idea if you do it right! Best of luck!
  12. Now how exactly would I increase the power setting?
  13. I actually e-mailed them last night and already received a response... Greetings, The stringers are due into port in the next day or two, It will ship the first or 2nd week of August from our warehouse and will be via UPS. We will send out an email prior to shipping to let you know we will be shipping and that we will be charging the remaining balance on your card. Thanks!
  14. Guys, altho you may have had problems with Travis in the past lets not turn this into another thread bashing him again. We're not ones to judge, I don't know what is going on where he is. Give him the benefit of the doubt you would want people to give you. If you have had problems in the past then I completely understand your frustrations, but lets keep them to ourselves. I put my trust in him this year, and I know a good amount of other members on here did as well. I myself have a very large order coming in, and so it appears so do many others. We still have not passed any deadlines on when w
  15. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything from Travis at LED Holiday Lighting? I know that most stringers were supposed to come arrive as his warehouse around now and he would be shipping them out within... I believe it was 10 days? I'm not frustrated or anything, just excited and can't wait for my 12,000 lights to come!! Haha
  16. Uh... Only problem with that website is it says I cant' view attachments/pictures as a guest... Would you mind posting them here?
  17. Thanks Eddy! I can always count on you for a well explained and thought out answer! Haha I'll definitely look into that tomorrow. For now, what is a J-Pole antenna? Also, how would I go about increasing my output to say... 30-50mw?
  18. Well, it's finished. I soldered together the power coupling and I turned it on and it works amazingly! I couldn't be happier with the sound quality of this transmitter. I would recommend it to everyone and anyone willing to spend $195 on a quality transmitter. I plan on e-mailing EDM and letting them know how impressed I am! But I do have one quarrel... The range isn't exactly what I want from it. It's only about one house in either direction before it begins to fade. Any way to fix this? I see a few knobs I could turn but I'm not quite sure what they will do. Any help on this would be grea
  19. http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php/34397-Taming-of-icicle-lights?highlight=heat+stretching+lights Check out this "Taming of Icicle Lights" thread. Although it's about icicle lights I don't see why this method couldn't be used to "stretch" regular stringers. Currently icicles are hanging in my attic hopefully warming up enough and hanging down enough that will make them straight down this year! We'll see how it went come November!
  20. Wow, thanks very much Brian! Can I get these at any Best Buy Radio Shack or any other similar store? Quick question though, would the Ground Loop Isolator replace the Y-Adapoter Cable? And would I plug both ends of those cables into my transmitter?
  21. Oh, ok, Thanks Eddy! Uh, what would the chord specs be? Audio jack to what? I'm not quite sure what sort of port(s) this transmitter has...
  22. So I just received my new EDM-TX-LCD-EP yesterday by mail. Everything arrived in a very timely manner. Except one thing, the chord that runs from my computer to my new Transmitter that will allow me to broadcast my music for my display. Am I missing something, or did I forget to order that chord? I would really appreciate the help from anyone! Please help!
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