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  1. Use the configuration of the tapper wizard that allows you to tap for yourself. Instead of the computer making the tap marks for you.
  2. Do any stores carry lights in store right now? I know for a fact the target near me doesn't...
  3. I will be honest with you Eddy, I have no clue what any of that stuff means on that page. I looked at it and tried to make sense of it but it just looks like a bunch of mumbo jumbo to me! haha But I do understand the way you put it, "The LCD model is the better of the two with improved sound quality and stereo separation but as expected at a price." But then you bring up the fact that the LED model also works very well. Now altho I can pay up to $200, I am a college kid, so if I could spend less money it would definitely be a good thing! And I'm not sure RDS is necessary for my cause. Maybe la
  4. Ok, so I have been looking into EDM transmitters. I have a few questions... 1) LED vs LCD? What exactly is the difference? Just the different display boards? 2) What are the different kits? I understand that most of them just come with or without metal enclosures. But also, what is the difference in the amount of soldering? 3) Which one(s) would be in my best interest to research a little more/buy? My limit is $200. Thanks for the help so far everyone. You have really helped! I want to make my display leaps and bounds better than last year! And last year you couldn't hear my music
  5. Thanks for the offer Zach! I'll consider it. But if I get the EDM and it only requires to solder the power chords in I might be able to get my dad to help me with it.
  6. Does anyone know how much soldering is required for a Ramsey FM30B if I bought it in kit form?
  7. Where did you get it fully assembled? And for how much? Because if it isn't too much more I would be willing to shell out an extra few bucks for a much nicer interface that is user friendly... Thanks for the input so far everyone! It has really helped!!
  8. Ok, so I don't think the WHT is going to be the winner. It's still a possibility but now that I found I can get Ramsey transmitters pre-fabricated I'm torn between that MBB Eclipse-4000. So I guess to change the entire topic of my thread, MBB Eclipse-4000 or Ramsey FM25B? Not to snub EDM, I am just unable to find any pre-fabricated models? Preferably the EDM-LCD-CS-EP Thanks for the help so far everyone! Note: The biggest reason I want to get a pre-fabriacted transmitter is because I have no experience with soldering and I would be very unsure of how to do it and completely trashing
  9. I used this FM Transmitter last season and was very displeased with the sound quality. It got perfect range but you could barely hear my music over all the static. This happened on no matter what channel I was on... So C Crane is definitely out of the question. I'm a little hesitant to use EDM or Ramsey because I don't know know if I would be able to construct it myself? I have heard good things about both transmitters tho? I guess if I found something the Ramsey/EDM transmitters have that is leaps and bound better than either MBB or WHT I would begin to consider them but at this point I
  10. Well, it's starting. Summer, that means that Christmas light season is quickly approaching! I think that means about 5 months from now? I have 4.5/18 songs sequenced plus I need to order another LOR controller (during the summer sale) and a new FM transmitter (the reason for this thread. I realize the decision is ultimately up to me, but I would like you all to help me as well. The final battle is between the Mobile Black Box Eclipse-4000 and the new Whole House FM Transmitter 2.0 which is available June 24... Now here are the facts about each product... Eclipse-4000 Assured quality th
  11. Also, there are a lot of people that like the brand Mobile Black Box which sell two main transmitters... The V6000 but remember when looking at this one that it only transmits in mono. The Eclipse-4000 transmits in stereo. I plan on purchasing the Eclipse-4000 sometime soon. If you are unfamiliar with the difference between mono and stereo, there is one general difference. Mono means that all the sound comes out of your listeners speakers will be just one sound. So basically all the sounds that come out of the speakers are all the same no matter which one you listen to. And stereo w
  12. Only 5 months until I start putting lights up and 6.5 months until I turn my lights one (Thanksgiving weekend) Woo Hoo!
  13. I don't know if it's too late but I noticed you mention Harry Coonick Jr.? Personally I enjoy his song "Santa Claus", I don't think it would be terribly difficult to sequence and it's a very family friendly song! Just a suggestion!
  14. Yeah, so zip-tie sounds like the best idea. Another question is what is a good way to put lights lining a window?
  15. Well, as we venture into the month of May, the Christmas lights season draws ever closer my big box-o-lights arrival drawers closer as well. (I believe estimated arrival time is some time in July) It's going to give a new definition to Christmas in July! But I have a question, this year I'm planning on making my lights "change color" if you will, and I was wondering what would be a good way of going about putting the lights up so I don't have to go around and up and down trees three times each? I'm thinking about using zip ties but I was wondering if anyone else had anything else to add th
  16. Wow, that looks awesome. I've always done a top view of my house when doing the visualizer but that looks awesome. I'm not a huge fan of the icicles half and half. Maybe first then second story? But yeah, I think it looks really good! I'm sure it will look even better with real lights!
  17. Wow. I thought 32 channels looked overwhelming...
  18. It's actually slightly longer! haha if you want it let me know! Haha unless you already have it. I prefer the 1st one actually!
  19. It was! It's a great mix! Both are fantastic and will be great additions to anyones song list!
  20. Uh I've got a holiday mix from a member on here that has songs like rudolph, frosty, heat/snow miser and a few other "golden oldies". I can send it to you if you give me your e-mail. It's a real good song!
  21. Check out Amazing Grace by "Yule" or Music Box Dancer by "DJ Schwede". Both songs I borrowed last year from Holdman so check out his videos... Here is Amazing Grace... And here is Music Box Dancer...
  22. I did know that Chris thanks! I'm just not that tech savvy haha I did get it sent to me tho. Thanks to Roger.
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